The Weekender + Summer Shred AGAIN!

Happy Monday dear friends!!

How was your weekend?

Friday, I got in an awesome 6.5 mile run with Val well actually 6.66 miles (we should have run another minute). It felt great! I love running just for the fun it. Takes the pressure off of it. I think I am going to enjoy not training for anything for awhile.


After work, Hubby and I had the best date night EVER!!! McCormick finally decided to come to Hot Yoga with me and he liked it. I am not sure if I will ever be able to convince him to go again, but I am glad he at least tried it once.


After Yoga, we got cleaned up and went to our favorite burger joint Eureka Burger! I sported my BLEND RETREAT shirt, honestly the most comfortable shirt I own!


I ordered my fave, the Fig Marmalade Burger with a turkey burger. Their sweet potato fries are to die for. Covered in honey makes them unbelievable!


On the side I enjoyed a Hanger 24 Orange Wheat.


After dinner Hubby insisted we should go get pedicures (who is this man?!). It’s actually one of our favorite things to do together!


Because he spoiled me, I spoiled him with a fresh ice-cream cookie from Kiddough’s bakery!


When we got home, Mr.B was OUT!! He’s such a sneaky one, sleeping on our bed when we are away!


The next morning I was up nice and early for a 90 minute kickboxing session!! It felt amazing. I think the Yoga the night before really loosened me up and my body felt great.


When I got home I was famished. So I made an apple turkey sausage, veggie and sweet potato skillet. On the side was fresh fruit from the Farmers Market in Redlands.


Then I quickly got ready to head to a BABY SHOWER for my dear friend Lauren.


Well it was actually a Sprinkle. My friend Revay did an amazing job at decorating.


It had to be one of the most adorable shower’s I have ever been to.


Lauren was a good sport and played the fun baby games, as did I and did horrible!


As if one party wasn’t enough, we had another BBQ that same evening. I brought the pool side dip that my friend Jess made for the Bunco party and it was a big hit! You must make it, you will be loved by ALL!


The party was all about Hockey and basketball, gotta love my sporty team mates. So intense!!!


Sunday morning I made the best Shakeology smoothie EVER! I have been loving the Green Berry flavor, it’s perfect for adding in pineapple, oranges and banana!


After Church the Hub’s and I grabbed lunch at a place in Claremont (some hole in the wall). I enjoyed a huge chicken salad and tried my best to stay away from the GIANT bowl of chips not pictured.


The rest of the evening was spent in the garden, look how much it’s growing!!!


Dinner was leftovers….mine is on the left 😉


and we finally finished off the ice-cream in the house!!! I normally don’t eat a lot of ice-cream, but with all the parties we have been having there has been a LOADED freezer full of it!!


Today I took a “Mental Health Day”. I wasn’t feeling 100% this morning so I decided to stay in my PJ’s all day and just get some much-needed rest. These are the best days.


Especially when you get to make lunch at home! I went a little crazy with my tuna sandwich today and added in JALAPENOS!!! I know crazy right?! But it tasted so good, just had to blow my nose every 5 minutes…


Quite a great weekend and am looking forward to getting back to work tomorrow! I know I am one in a few that actually loves my job 😉


I am going to do another SUMMER SHRED for those of you who missed out this month!!! It will start JULY 1st! Check out all the details of the SUMMER SHRED here. Last month so many people had fun and got some amazing results !!! I am excited to do it again!!!


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