Tips on Organization While Training

Recently I have been following a blog called IHeartOrganizing and it has changed my life! She has some amazing tips and tricks to keep things simplified and tidy. We have a couple organizing projects that we are working on and I can’t wait to show all of them to you, when they are complete.

While training for any triathlon one has many bags, shoes, clothes gear, and much more to think about. Being the type A super OCD person that I am, I try to always keep things organized as much as possible so that I can enjoy the little things in life and not stress over the big ones. My first project was my trunk in my car. It is where I store all of my gear while training. I like to keep it in there, so that I am ready at ALL TIMES.

One of the things that we would love to get one day is a SUV. We would love somethings that could hold our bikes, camping equipment, and you know “other” little things one day 😉 For now we both love our Hondas. The other day I picked up these pink baskets at Big lots for $2.99 to organize all my tri-gear! They work perfect.

I have a basket for all of my cycling gear: helmet, glasses, bottles, gloves, and shoes.

A basket for my swim gear: suit, towel, goggles, workout book, and cap. Along with some Gatorade for fuel. I have learned over time that it is best to keep water and electrolyte drinks in the car at all times, just in case you forget yours at home. Just ask someone for ice and your good to go!

I also have a basket for my EMERGENCY workout clothes. I always keep a jacket, running shoes, a running outfit, and socks on hand just in case.

There is also my kickboxing bag (gloves, wraps, focus mitts) and yoga bag in the trunk too. This way no matter what workout I have for the day, I have everything set to go!

Yep, so that’s one project down only 5 million more to go!

Next up:

Garage + Laundry Room!



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