Today’s Guest Post – Andrea (Off Her Cork)


Hi guys! My name is Andrea and my little space on the web is called Off Her Cork. Bobbi is off running a 200 mile relay race and she put out the call for guest posts!

My post today is going to discuss how I approach food balance and moderation. For me, nothing is off limits! Telling myself that I can’t ever have something or that something is “bad” will make me a little cranky. I think life is too short to live by such restrictions!

Instead of doing that, I take a balance and moderation approach to eating healthy. For example, maybe I’m really craving some cheese and nothing is going to make me more happy than a slice of cheesy goodness.

Then I’ll have it! And this is where the balance and moderation comes in to play. If I have that cheese with my lunch then I probably won’t have any with dinner or for a snack. I don’t need cheese multiple times a day to be happy. Neither does my body.

I also take the time to figure out when I would appreciate it the most. Am I really going to enjoy this cheese on my salad now? Or will I love and savor a slice of cheese more later in the evening as a snack? Priorities!

I exercise this same approach when I’m out at a restaurant. Perhaps a creamy cheesy dip for an appetizer sounds really fantastic. Then I’ll get it! But my dinner isn’t going to have those same features. I don’t need the double impact of cheese/cream for a starter AND for a main meal. I prioritize and decide which I would prefer and what would provide me with the most enjoyment. Because we all enjoy food, right? That’s one thing everybody around the world has in common. If I’m going to eat something then I want to enjoy it as much as I possibly can! Food doesn’t just sustain us but can also affect emotions. I want to feel good about what I’m eating and putting into my body.

Balance and moderation are key for me. It’s how I choose to live my life and has helped me achieve a much healthier lifestyle.

The only foods that I don’t do that with are fruits and veggies. In my eyes, one cannot overdo it on fruits or veggies throughout the day.

This is all my personal preference and of course everybody is different!

What about you? Do you take a balance and moderation approach to eating too? Share your thoughts on your approach to healthy eating!


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