Totally Awesome 80’s Run Recap

This past weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to participate in one of the most fun races I have ever run! I got a fun text on Thursday asking if I wanted to run the Awesome 80’s 10K in Pasadena and because I honestly made no real plans all weekend and it was going to be FREE I couldn’t think of anything that would be more fun. I dug through my closet and got a few things at a local teeny bopper store and I think I put together a pretty darn good 80’s running outfit (although I wish I would have had a leotard and tights).


My team was so awesome, they even ordered LEG WARMERS! Hello neon green Smile


We met up at 6am in front of Panera and got all dolled up. I honestly felt like a cheerleader all over again.


I ran in honor of a 61 year old man…pretty sure I placed for him Smile


As you can see I was the only one without a green shirt and poor guy in the back had to hang with us crazy girls Winking smile We were out of control!


Probably the first time I did my hair and makeup for a race.


I stole Hubby’s head band from his Tough Mudder Race, it actually was perfect for the 90 degree weather!


Show a little leg….


Flash a little hand…


The outfits at the race were so fun, I love how many people really got into it!




I honestly don’t think I have ever had this much fun waiting for the start to a race!


The race started at 9am, but we didn’t officially start till almost 10am! With the heat wave, I knew that this was truly just going to be a FUN RUN!!! The course was nice and flat and it was a two lap course. The only down fall was they only had two water stops. The girls and I all stayed together at a lovely 9 minute pace and just chatted the whole time, which made the race fly by!


I did race hard with one of our team mates to the finish, because come on it’s not a race if you don’t sprint to the FINISH!


The only complaint I have about the race (it was their first one so I am giving them some slack) was they RAN OUT OF WATER!!!! I couldn’t believe it! By the time we got water it was about 30 minutes after the finish, but we did find a guy selling Mexican Watermelon Popsicles and all was well in the world agan.


And the best part was the MEDALS! They were not cheap cassette tapes, they were heavy just like a regular medal. How cool are these???


Ok, now I really have the RACING ITCH!!! My next race isn’t until November, but I am already researching and hoping to run something in October and December. Nothing like a spontaneous race to FALL back in love with running again!

80’s BABY!


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