I just love the beginning of a new month! Don’t you? Especially when it has to do with the beginning of a HOLIDAY season! I so love Fall!

I put the fall decorations out. We have pumpkin candles burning daily. I even made some pumpkin-blueberry muffins from Trader Joe’s (I added in the blueberries to the mix and used apple sauce instead of oil).


I have set some October goals because this is going to be a very busy month. I have two races, two weddings, our baby shower, several birthdays and I HAVE TWO BIG DREAMS LAUNCHING this month!!! Although I have enjoyed all the wonderful meals that have been prepared for us, and of course all the yummy desserts, my tummy hasn’t. So I am getting back to CLEAN EATS and eating what my body thrives off of. Happy to get back at it!



We have now had RJ for 20 days and they have been the best 20 days of our lives!

She really is a HAPPY baby and we are counting our blessings for it 🙂 We haven’t really tried to put Rylee on a ‘real’ schedule. Instead, we let her tell us when she is hungry or needs to be changed. She has stuck to eating every 2-3 hours and goes potty regularly. She has her gassy days, but never so much that she screams about it for hours.

Rylee started with Enfamil Formula before we got her so we continued using it so that we wouldn’t mess anything up. She is doing OK with it, but wish I could have given her breast milk.

We love watching her grow, but man, she is getting big too fast! I am so blessed to be at home soaking up every minute of her smiles!



So I am getting excited about my Tri, but honestly, I just want my race to be finished. I want to spend more time at home with baby girl than I want to be training for this race.

I was committing to two swim days, two bike rides, three run days and five days of GPP, but I had to adjust that a little and have been running 3 times a week (4 miles, 5 miles and a long run day), biking at least once a week (20 plus miles) and swimming hasn’t happened since we got Rylee, but I’m trying to swim one day a week! I have been able to do five days of GPP. As soon as I get home from my workouts, I am quickly running to give my baby girl hugs (sanitized, of course)!


After my races are over (October 26th), I will go back to running once a week, biking one a week and doing GPP 5 days a week. I want to keep my fitness a priority, but if I don’t get in a workout… it is not the end of the world!

Thank goodness hubby is home for the majority of my training so it makes it a lot easier for me to get out, but once he is back to work, it will be a whole new ball game!



10 responses to “Tri + RJ Update”

  1. I know that we’ve only just started the October Extreme Shred, but I am already excited for the holiday shred! Woo hoo!

  2. Enjoy your race! the Iron Girl tri is so much fun and full of women power. It will make you feel proud to be a strong beautiful mother!

  3. Love that I now can relate to you with mommy schedule when it comes to working out and getting things done. Once my second one arrives I’m hoping to join one of your shreds or just use you as inspiration to run my second 1/2 marathon.

    Not sure if you know about milk banks. It’s a place women can donate breastmilk for moms in need. They do screening and it’s a safe way to give to your baby when you can’t. Just a suggestion if you’re interested in going that route for breastmilk.

    Very excited for your future and your family! God Bless!!

  4. Such a cutie. Love all the pics of her! <3

    You will have an awesome month it seems!

  5. I was referred to your blog by a friend, and I am SO thankful to have found it! Sounds like we have VERY similar stories! Christian “Chubby” girl gone fit in her post-college years, happily married with crazy dogs (we have 2!), who have always known we wanted to adopt but have always assumed we would after we had our own biological child, first. We are currently 7 months into “trying”, and praying about adopting more and more. What a blessing to have found this encouraging blog! 🙂 Looking forward to reading more.

  6. She is beautiful! You are so blessed.

  7. I’m training for a Sprint Tri coming up in November…my post baby goal. It’s hard to carve out time for a work out when the hubs is working and I don’t have anyone to watch the 2 month old. Since I’m back to work full time I’m going to have to come to terms with early morning runs after a morning feed. Ouch. But I’ll be so worth it when we cross that finish line and meet our babies on the other end!!

  8. I am SO pumped it is October. And so begins with best 3 months of the year!
    Your little girl is precious! I would have a hard time leaving her too! You could always get a running stroller and bring her with 😉 Cherish those memories when she is small. They go all too quickly.

  9. I love this post! Honest and full of love <3

    I think you are doing a great job. You are doing a great job as a mother! You have great balance and you can truly see that happiness that RJ has brought you and your husband!

  10. This is refreshing to see. I feel that some trainers who aren’t mothers just tell their clients, “You can make the time to work out if you want it bad enough”. There are going to be days where I can’t fit in a workout and it’s ok. Right now it’s more important to be with my baby than at a gym. I work out on my own after he goes to bed.

    (this is fueled by a trainer who made me feel bad for not coming back to workout class after the baby was born)