Two Day Tuesday & Sneak Peek

Only two more days till Turkey day, yes I am excited to spend Thanksgiving with family and loved ones, but I am also getting all geared up for my first long run in 7 weeks!!! I am going to run 11 miles on Thursday, in spirit with Meghann. I am excited that a lot of you are doing Turkey Trots, your own Turkey Trots, or just a great RUN! I still need to shop for a sweet potato recipe, any ideas?!


Sticking to the season of thankfulness here are my five things I am thankful for today:

#1. I am Thankful for my mom, who loves me more then I know, and is a very giving and hospitable woman.
#2. I am Thankful for my health, I am so blessed to be in good health, not sick and able to work out because I have no injuries that keep me from it.
#3. I am Thankful for our home, I am blessed to have a home that we can call our own, and that we can enjoy life in.
#4. I am Thankful for friends, I could list all of the wonderful people that are in my life right now but I ll keep it simple. There are so many wonderful men and women that are pouring so much life in to me right now, and I am thankful that I get to do life with them.
#5. I am Thankful for the joy that God has given me, I love that even through the hard times God has given me a joy that stands still and my cup keeps overflowing with love and compassion no matter what the circumstances are in my life.

Your turn!


Bosco’s not our little dog, but the restaurant. Hubby and I went to on our first date to a Restaurant in Memphis. Obviously that is why we named our dog Bosco. They have some of the best beers out there, and they make it themselves. We were running around all day and didn’t end up eating until 3PM! That is quite the late lunch; hey its vacation that’s kind of how it works around here….lol

I ordered a Firestone pizza, there are not too many healthy options there, and I was going to get a beer so I had to get pizza. It had sun dried tomatoes, pine nuts, goat cheese, and spinach. Not too much marinara so I got a small side of marinara and dipped the pizza in it! It was the best MARINERA I have ever had in my life! It mad the pizza POP!


Hubby dropped me off at my favorite Sbux in Memphis at 5pm and I left at 9pm! I had two coffee dates, my beautiful gf’s Tiff and Steph. I met with Steph and 5:30 and then right after met up with Tiff at 7:30. Back to back coffee dates are what you have to do when you have so little time, and so much to catch up on. The last time I met up with them was a year ago at Christmas time. It was nice to chat, laugh and share stories. I love these women, makes me kind of sad that we don’t get to hang out more, because I consider these two girls some of my bestest of friends! I LOVE YOU LADIES!

When I got home hubby was under the weather so I made some chicken noodle soup and watch Batman Returns.

AS YOU CAN SEE we were having fun with the giant mag, hubbys mom has:)


Slept in AGAIN, 8am wake up call. When I got up I felt refreshed and ready to get some coffee. I threw on my layers of clothing and did a quick SBUX run. I got a small cup of coffee with two pumps of pumpkin spice syrup. When I left I ran in to Tif! I was so excited to be able to see her again, and chat for a minute before she headed to work.


Alright I am off for the day, I am watching a little Today show, finishing my coffee had a half of a SUPERFOOD SLAM PROBAR for some energy and in ten minutes I am going out for a 7 mile run!!! The Super food Slam, is very chewy. You can see all that is in it, the nuts, the dried fruit, and the yummy dark chocolate chips. This bar has a little less fat and calories. I am excited about doing the review of these bars, watch of them have me thinking. Well I am out here my total POTM is 27 miles and after this run it will be 34! I know this is not as high as some of you, but I feel that I will hit my goal of 45 by November 30th!!!!


So I just finished my 7 mile run, and boy was I being THAT stupid runner!! I only had a cup of coffee and ½ a PROBAR before I ran at 10am. On mile two my tummy was rumbling and I knew this was not going to be a good run. I don’t know what I was thinking this morning I guess I was so excited about running I forgot to get prepared. I wore the wrong pants, no Vaseline, forgot the sunglasses, and no FUEL! If I am going to run more then 3 miles I need my hammer gel, and HEED! At mile 4 I thought I should just head back and make it a 5 mile run, but then I got lost! I think it’s funny that even though I was dying my body felt ok, it was just the lack o energy that was killing me. By the time I figured out how to get back home (thank you garmin) It was exactly 7 miles, which made me happy that I got the miles in but sad that I didn’t have a great run.

Here are my stats live well kinda my first self video sweat and all:)!


As soon as got in I made a big bowl of Pumpkin oats with soy, graham cracker, granola, flax seed and apple sauce! Mmm…perfect combo.

Alright have a big day ahead of us:

Lunch at Huey’s with Big B and his new GF ( our friend Brandon is 6’11 he was my best guy friend in college) then I get to see my friend Tif’s 6 month old Paxton, and then dinner with College roomy Jess and her fiance that I have never met! Tonight after dinner were headed down even farther down south to Como Mississippi, the FIL has wireless so I ll catch up on all your blogs tonight!!! Were having two Thanksgiving dinners, one tomorrow with hubby’s dad and then tomorrow with hubby’s sister and family, do you have two Thanksgiving dinners? Have TERRIFIC Tuesday!!! Keep POTM!



Just got the email that Coach AL is going to be giving away a very special coupon to the winner of POTM. Coach Al’s plan is the one I used to get me to a 3:30 marathon, so I could qualify for Boston! Check out his website to read all about who he is and what he has accomplished!!!