{Virtual} Coffee Date


If we were having coffee this morning,  I would tell you that the “groove” has started.

I finally have got in some kind of rhythm of being my own boss. The first couple weeks I was working about 80+ hours a week and I knew that wasn’t healthy. Setting healthy boundaries is so important. I want to make sure that my priorities are set and don’t get thrown off. God, family / friends and then work. My system is definitely not perfect, but progress is happening. Making time to have friends over for dinner, walks to the park and even a little day trip to the beach.

If we were having coffee this morning, I would tell you that I recently starting watching the show The New Girl.

It’s on Netflix and I am kind of addicted. Just needed a new ‘non-thinking’ show just to laugh… job done. It’s witty and cute. I just can’t stop watching.

If we were having coffee this morning  I would tell you that the first week of Tri Training went well.

I got in five GPP workouts, five miles of running, 24 miles on the bike and 30 minutes of swimming. I need to get in one day of yoga and one more run. I want to challenge myself a bit and see what I can do. Yes, my first goal is to finish, but I want to get some time goals down.

If we were having coffee right now, I would tell you that I only have ONE MORE WEEK of the 2013 Summer Detox Challenge!

It’s been hard but folks are starting to reap the benefits. I am excited to have a little wine and coffee on the 26th, but I am loving getting creative in the kitchen.

If we were having coffee right now, I would tell you that I am getting SO EXCITED about the INFLUENCE CONFERENCE coming up in September and you should GO!

It’s going to be so amazing getting encouraged and empowered by so many amazing Christian women!

If we were having coffee right now, I would invite you over for dinner and we would enjoy all kinds of clean eats, drinks and enjoy these summer nights together.



8 responses to “{Virtual} Coffee Date”

  1. My husband and I LOVE New Girl! We can’t wait until it comes back on for the new season! So funny!

  2. I’ve been telling you about New Girl for ages, girl! Glad you are finally hooked!!

  3. Influence looks like a great conference. I was checking it out. But it coincides with my 1st marathon. 😉

    Love your patio get togethers. Great times.

  4. i’ve been considering a tri, but I really dislike biking (because it’s SO hilly here) and I’m a pretty slow/terrible swimmer. so for now, sticking to running with yoga and core work thrown in!

  5. That sweet potato looks delicious! Congrats on the training and on the detox plan. Hard work pays off 🙂

  6. Awesome job with your training! Dedication 🙂
    The Influence Conference also sounds like it will be super fun and inspiring. Have fun and good luck with your last week of the detox!

  7. LOVE your blog and congrats on your training. I was wondering what you use to track your biking? I use the Nike app for my running but haven’t found one for biking.


  8. This is such a cute post! Congrats on the training, I would love to do that some day. Happy Saturday! 🙂