{Virtual} Coffee Date



It’s been a while since our last coffee date, so pull up a cozy chair, a warm cup of joe, and let’s have a little Wednesday coffee date!


If were having coffee this morning...I would tell you how I am learning how to THRIVE in this life and not just SURVIVE. Sometimes the GO GO GO Bobbi has to take a couple of steps back and some deep breaths in and remember to “stop and smell the roses.” I am SO not a HOMEBODY, but that’s kinda what my daughter needs right now. She takes two solid naps when we are home and when the days get filled she doesn’t nap as well. Thank goodness she is a chill baby either way, but there is something to be said about a bit of routine for a child. I mean I don’t want her to be so inflexible that she can’t sleep anywhere and if our schedule changes she flips out, but I do want some type of normalcy. I am working on it. I’m trying not to just make it through each day, but to LOVE each day in all of its glory. I’m not trying to be perfect, but it’s progress.

If were having coffee this morning...I would tell you that I am really enjoying my June Propel Fit Challenge of working out with a friend at CrossFit. It’s been challenging for sure, but I expected that. My biggest challenge with CrossFit is how the box teaches form. Thankfully, Yucaipa CrossFit is solid teaching form for sure! I like that they are showing me how to do things first with a light weight, before I go up in weight and could get injured. I don’t plan on joining as I love spin, running, GPP Fitness, kickboxing, and mixing it up. I couldn’t justify paying for a membership when I could do almost all the WODS on my own. I do love the community though and have already made some awesome new friends!

If were having coffee this morning...I would tell you that I miss running a bit. Not a lot, but a little. After the Boston marathon I took some time off from running. I am still doing the occasional 3-6 mile run here and there, but no more. I actually haven’t run in over two weeks. Once my week of CrossFit is over, I will get back to doing GPP/Summer Shreds and add in one day of running! I know I am going to lose some of my endurance, but that’s okay. Right now I am working on strength and toning. I really love doing weights, but come on…you all know that I am a cardio junkie at heart. 🙂

If were having coffee this morning...I would tell you that I have taken on a 21 day challenge with my Ultimate Kickboxing family. The owner challenged all the members and instructors to choose a 21 day mini healthy lifestyle goal. I decided to try to not eat out for LUNCH for 21 days. I am the WORST at this! RJ and I like to get out once a day, either to go the park or meet a friend for lunch. We always pick “healthier” lunch spots. But, I’m always eating things I could make at home like salads or burrito bowls. I am excited about this challenge, and I’m sure my wallet will be too! I’m on day 3 now.

If were having coffee this morning...I would tell you that I am excited to get back to REALLY MEATY BLOGGING! I love trying all the fun new products and doing reviews (I know there have been a lot lately), but I am ready to share so much more with you all! It’s taken 9 months to figure out how to balance this whole stay-at-home-working mama thing, but I think I am starting to get the hang of it. 😉 Starting next week, I’ll have some healthy summer recipes coming your way, fitness tips, mommy fun, and a coffee date of course. I need structure in my blogging, but not too much. So if you start seeing some consistency, it’s kind of on purpose. I want my blog to be a place that you all can come to and be inspired by a REAL person, not a perfect person. A women who is trying to do nothing more than the best women of God she can be. I will fail. I will make mistakes. I will have some good days and bad days. I want to share all of that with you so that you know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE!


9 responses to “{Virtual} Coffee Date”

  1. Love this post, Bobbi! I, too, am “trying to do nothing more than [be] the best women of God she can be.” Thanks for your inspiration!

  2. If we were having this coffee, I’d be able to relate to your running break=) After the half I did at the beginning of May, I decided to take two months off to give my legs and mind a break. So in a couple weeks time when you’re adding your run to your shred challenge, I’ll be getting back into running as well. Sometimes taking a break reminds us of how sweet things are so we don’t take advantage of them later. I sort of felt that with running in the end, I wasn’t appreciating it. So now I’m really looking forward to getting back to the morning routine. Thanks for the coffee!

  3. You just became my inspiration to jump back into, and make the blogging life work for me. I love the community with all of my heart, but had some “life” stuff pop up over the past two months, so life has been taking precedence over my blog. But it is definitely something I want to change – and soon!

  4. I really enjoy these posts. I have 2 daughters, a 4 year old and an 8 week old, right now I feel like its impossible to leave the house between everyones naptimes. Just as soon as I figure it out, it seems like something changes. I’ve worked at home since my oldest daughter was born with no outside help, I’m taking some time off now, but I’m planning on going bac in september. You’ll figure everything out!

  5. I wish I could commit to not eating out so much. I just don’t like my cooking as much as I love takeout! 🙂

  6. I am also trying to get my blog structured some more. It’s tougher when you are a busy mama!

  7. Yay! Look forward to having you back to regular blogging 🙂 I love what you said about thriving just not surviving. Sometimes I feel like I can get caught in that as well!

  8. I relate to the GO GO GO and needing to be at home. I had so many great plans of things to do when my little one arrived but have realized he needs to be home for his morning and afternoon naps. He sleeps well on in his ergo at the dog park for his late morning nap. We just changed the meaning of adventure at our house and a happy baby sure makes for a pleasant day!

  9. hello TAN, sleek, toned arms! #allthosepullups