{Virtual} Coffee Date

Good morning friends!!

It’s been while I know. As everyone was wrapping up their summer breaks, RJ and I were beginning ours. We have so much to catch up on! Grab a cup of coffee, a cozy chair and maybe a blanket depending on what side of the country you are on.

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If we were having coffee I would tell you that we had a blast up in Lake Arrowhead with our parents and brother. We try and take a summer camping trip with all of my brothers and parents, but now that we are getting older and some of my brothers don’t live as close we started renting cabins and call is “glamping”. It was nice to spend some quality time with everyone and escape to the mountains.

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If we were having coffee I would tell you as soon as we got back from the mountains, RJ and I hopped on a plane and went to Bellingham Washington to visit our friends the Bagley’s. They moved to WA from CA almost two years ago and this was our second time visiting them. I wanted to take RJ one more time before she turns two and then isn’t free to fly anymore! It was an amazing trip filled with beautiful hikes, parks, lakes, yummy food at home and at some great little eateries, and just some nice quality time together at their home. I miss them already!

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If we were having coffee I would tell you that this weekend I am working the Disney Half Marathon Expo with Raw Threads again! I am super excited because a lot of my friends will be working a long side with me and this is one of the busiest and most fun expos! I love seeing all of our customers come by and say hi! I also just love talking to all the runners. I am not gonna lie I need the running encouragement! I haven’t gonna on a real run all summer, I KNOW…CRAZY! I am hoping the cooler weather will get my feet moving!

If we were having coffee I would tell you that Refresh Summit South is almost sold out!! I am getting super excited to see everyone in October. If you have been thinking about signing up and don’t really know what it is about, I can tell you one thing you will leave feeling renewed and rested. It’s truly retreat to come and throw your hair down, sweat with your friends, share life together, eat some yummy healthier food, and just BE! We are going to be reading the book, “Simply Tuesday” together and I can’t wait to dig in. Check out our website for all the information: http://www.refreshsummit.com/.

If we were having coffee I would tell you that next week we begin my first CIZE Challenge!!! If you signed up, it’s going to be so much fun. I have been doing a few of the videos and I have loved all of them. I love to dance and it’s one thing I am excited to add into my workout regimen. I will be also following the 21 Day fix meal plan, mostly to get back on track after two weeks of vacation. Just want to get rid of a little extra fluff on my “meat suit”. I am drinking Shakeology again and that has already helped me to jump back on track and feel good from the inside! I buy it for hubby, but always end up drinking it too! It’s just so yummy.

If we were having coffee I would tell you that we are launching REFRESH ATTIRE on Labor Day! We took a little break over the summer and are excited about a few new products and even a little something that we have never sold before. Make sure to follow us on IG @refreshattire for all the fun updates.

If we were having coffee I would tell you that our little girl is turning two in six days and I am getting a bit emotional about it. I even told hubby the other day that I can see that she’s not a “baby” anymore. Although she will always be my baby! She is becoming such a beautiful independent little girl and watching her learn knew words, explore new things, and love on life is just my favorite thing ever. Even though I am sad to see her get bigger I am also excited to see her grow and learn. Every season seriously gets more FUN!

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So friend, how are you?! 


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  1. She is getting so big! So fun exploring with little ones.