Happy Monday friends! I hope you all had a wonderful MOTHERS day with your friends and family. I had one of the best weekends ever! Even though I had to work, I still got in some PLAY time too!

Friday morning Susie and I did a wonderful 5 mile run and just missed the rain! I think this will be the last time I wear my long sleeves for a while. I also got to test out my new KOSS FIT SERIES  headphones and they fit like a glove!! I love how light they are and they didn’t move at all. The sound is great too, even though I have the volume pretty low, so we can chat.


As soon as I got off work on Friday night the Hubby asked if I wanted to go for a bike ride to the local Farmers Market! Only one of my life long dreams Smile I have always wanted to ride around town, but I don’t feel comfortable riding alone all the time. Thank goodness that the light held out a bit for us to enjoy the sunset and after we left the Farmers Market we rode to a new local Chinese Restaurant.


We rarely if EVER eat Chinese food, but we thought why not…let’s live a little! I ordered the tofu veggie stir fry steamed and I added some chili paste and soy sauce. It was actually really good and they give you a ton!!!


The best part of the evening was hubby’s fortune. How perfect?!


Our 5 mile ride on Friday led to a 22 mile ride on Saturday morning!! I love waking up early together and being active. I can not tell you how much joy this brings me. We did a pretty tough ride..I think the coach came out in me and I was pushing hubby up some CRAZY hills.. he loved me for it Winking smile


Have I mentioned that I have been loving all the GREEN MONSTER recipes from my Shred! This week it was a tropical green monster. 1/2 cup OJ, 1/2 cup Coconut Water, 1 cup almond milk, frozen pineapple, mango and a banana, 2 cups kale or spinach. Blend and enjoy!


Thank goodness this weekend at work we had a HEALTH retreat up and I was able to enjoy some really GOOD EATS!


Got my prep on, on Saturday…we are headed into week 3 of the SHRED!


I am excited to try some of these yummy smoothies this week from my Cooking Light Magazine this month. I am kind of on a smoothie kick!


When I got home from work on Saturday, Hubby had dinner waiting for me on the patio! He grabbed me an Annie’s, Veggie no cheese pizza! I made a huge sexy strawberry and spinach salad. All was enjoyed with a glass of Cupcake Cab!


As if the weekend wasn’t packed with enough activities already, Susie and I finished our last long run at 6:30am on Sunday for a HOT 13 miles!!! We kept a good 8:22 pace and finished STRONG! Only 13 days till the MARATHON!!! It’s taper time Smile


After a long morning run there is only one thing to do on Mother’s day and that’s whatever my MAMA wants to do. She requested we hang out at the pool all day and enjoy being LAZY!


Sun +Pool +Mom + Family = BEST MOTHERS DAY EVER!


Hey, I may not be a mom yet…but I sure know how to relax like one Winking smile


Apparently I was the only one that thought the water felt amazing! It’s because I brought a floaty and even though everyone made fun of me!


Finally hubby joined me Winking smile


Out of the pool and end to the park. We grilled out and I enjoyed mostly clean eats, but did have a all beef hot dog..mom made me!  Love that we were playing in the park like KIDS!


Almost all the brothers made it this year, just missing Chris (missed you bro). So good to just relax and hang out with each other for the day, definitely don’t do that enough. Love my MAMA and I am so blessed by all that she has done for us kids more then she will ever know! Hopefully God willing I will get to celebrate Mother’s day as a mom…and if not..then I will still have a blast!


Question: How was your Mother’s day weekend, what did you do?


2 responses to “Weekend Wrap-Up”

  1. Sounds like an awesome weekend! The Green Monster smoothie sounds delish! Look forward to giving that a try!

  2. Looks like such a great, relaxing and FUN weekend!