Weekend Workout: Thaw It Out

Has it been too cold outside to get out and exercise?

Well how about an indoor weekend workout that will thaw you out!!

[food 004[3].jpg]

Thaw it out weekend workout:

Run in place for 3 minutes…..get the heart rate up.

1) 10 push ups…start on toes go to the knees if necessary.

2) 25 squats…get the booty down as far as you can!

3) 30 second Planks…rotate from elbows to hands

4) 15 dips…back to a chair and dip away!

5) 30 seconds of jumping jacks….try a minute if you feel ambitious!

**Repeat 2-4 times and you will surely have thawed out a bit along with burning some calories!

Have a HAPPY Pre-Holiday Weekend!!!


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