Weekend Wrap-Up and Training

What a Monday! Still can’t believe all that went down in Boston, I am praying for everyone that was in the explosion. What a day Sad smile

On a happier note this weekend was super productive in our Marathon training!! I feel like all I did was RUN all weekend, well I kinda did.

Friday started off with a 10 mile run, done before 6am!!


I also went to Yoga Friday night and my Bestie D made me an amazing Salmon dinner!! She is such a good cook and I loved the Jasmine Brown rice from Trader Joe’s. She added almonds and green onions to it, perfection! We sat in the hot tub after and stayed up talking till past midnight!!!


Late night or not I was up early for a 20 mile Bike ride with Susie and friends!


I love riding my Bike with a group, it’s always so much more fun and I feel so much safer!


Later the Hub’s and I went to a surprise Birthday lunch for a friend and got to get our baby fever on!!


And of course there was some major carb loading going on Saturday night, cause I had a 20 miler on Sunday!!! I enjoyed a big bowl of whole wheat pasta, marinara, ground turkey and spinach. OH REAL WHITE BREAD it has been too long!!!


Woke up early on Sunday and crushed 20 miles!!!! Susie and I were flying!! We were well under 8 minute miles for the last 5 miles and had an average pace of 8:15!!


My burn was CRAZY!!! I forgot to turn my watch off right away, but still I could pretty much eat an entire days worth of calories and then some!


Our men picked us up and we hit up brunch where I enjoyed an egg white veggie scramble with avocado!! I enjoyed every bite! I am normally not very hungry after running, but I WAS STARVING!


The last thing I want to do after a long run is SIT! I would much rather move to keep my legs from getting stiff, so the Hubby and I went to Home Depot and got some plants for the Garden! I can’t wait to garden this year!


When I finally got home, I jumped in the shower then in to my cozies!!!


I am limiting my wine to just Sundays while I train, so opening this baby on Sunday was well worth the wait!! Love a good Syrah!


We also made Home Made Veggie Pizza and watched “Flight”, what a depressing but good movie!


Oh and side note, check out this awesome testimonial from one of my New Years Shred participants. You can still sign up for the Summer Shred!!!!


Alright friends, I have to run! I have my Soul Sisters coming over tonight for some food and prayer! Thank goodness todays was a rest day Smile

Question: Did you see Flight? What did you think?


6 responses to “Weekend Wrap-Up and Training”

  1. What happened to your vegetable garden? Gave up on it?

    The best place to get a variety of brands for jasmin brown rice is the Asian market on 333 E Street in San Bernardino‎ CA‎ 92401 by Mill next to the NAPA store. There’s the 5.99 5 lbs. bags that you can try to see which brand of jasmin brown rice you like. Thats where we buy ours. Highly recommend!

  2. mi-an dela cruz Avatar
    mi-an dela cruz

    hi, i was curious about shred. i do crossfit, training for a half, yoga x1 weekly. still having a hard losing the last 10 lbs. i know cf makes u gain muscles. but ugh, i want ten lbs off. lol
    do u think shred will help? i eat relatively clean and healthy. sunday is my cheat day. thanks for ur input! mi-an

  3. Yesterday was absolutely tragic but I’m glad you had a great weekend of working out. You’ll do great at your marathon!

  4. The invents that happened in Boston yesterday are absolutely horrible. My heart goes out to all the people affected by this.

    Sounds like you had a busy weekend. The salmon dinner looks delicious!

  5. The events that happened in Boston yesterday are unimaginable. As a runner it touched me and really weighed heavy on my heart, even this morning when I got up to watch the news. I will be doing a lot of praying for everyone involved.

    It sounds like you had a great weekend of exercise. Way to go! Just curious, the hat you are wearing- is it a special brand? I’ve been looking for a new hat to wear in the summer months and I don’t know if I should buy something specific or if any ol’ hat will do.

  6. taylor ashley Avatar
    taylor ashley

    Your food sounded so yummy this weekend 🙂