Hi friends! Hope you had a wonderful weekend! I know it’s Tuesday, but my weekend pretty much started yesterday as I worked all the way through Sunday. I am super excited about this upcoming weekend, because it’s Hubby’s birthday and we were going to SPRING TRAINING! I f you are new to the blog, you must know that Matt and I have such a strong LOVE of BASEBALL! We fell in love over the darn sport and look forward to SPRING and SUMMER every year, just so we can head to ball game and celebrate the all American game! Oh I can’t wait!

This weekend Hubby was out of town with his buddies watching the American Baseball Classic while I was at work. Thank goodness for awesome friends who have me over for dinner and a movie and let me crash their Family nights! We made homemade mini pizzas Vegan style! The veggie pepperoni was a fun little addition Smile Not really into processed meats, but it was fun!


Saturday I got in a killer NROL session in with Amy. There is a MATRIX CIRCUIT that we were doing once or twice a week that is KILLER!!! OUR LEGS ARE SHAKING AT THE END! Want to try it?

24 squats
12 Lunges (each leg)
12 jumping lunges (each leg)
24 squat jumps
Rest for double the amount it took you and then….


I have been really focusing in on my Protein, Carb, and Fat ratio and making sure I am getting everything I need to build muscle! I actually am writing an entire post on a day of eats for you all for this week Smile My Shakeology has been helping A LOT!


We got another 6 inches of snow at work!! But thank goodness that past few days have been sunny and perfect!



Sunday after work, Val and I crushed 8 miles of hills! It was all up hill for 4 miles and then we coasted down the last half. I think the down hill killed my legs more then the up!!


I fueled up on a wonderful breakfast from work. They made Quinoa Oats!! Has anyone ever tried this? I pinned a recipe that I want to try for our Friday Fun Run!


After our run I got a regular size Green’s and Apples smoothie from Jamba Juice, but because I added Whey Protein it came out in a huge cup! Every sip deserved!


I am currently on the hunt for a Birthday dress for our birthday get-away to Temecula. I really liked this one, but it wasn’t exactly what I was looking for.


Sunday after all the running around, my Daddy and Step Mom were so sweet to have me over for a lovely dinner. He knows me so well, we started off with a cocktail hour on the porch with lots of veggies and a glass of red. Loving the time change for the longer nights, but hating it for the early mornings!


Janice made the best lemon pepper Tilapia I have ever had! The entire dinner was amazing!


My brother and I split a piece of Pumpkin Bar for dessert, friends wish you all could tasted this! It had a Gingerbread crust and it melted in my mouth!!!


Yesterday I rested and had the most wonderful Yoga class with the running buddies!


Cleaned the entire house and got ready for our first Soul Sisters dinner and prayer night.


I started a Women’s Bible Study through Proverbs with about 15 ladies and we meet on Facebook and once a month for dinner and fellowship at my house. I prayed for God to show me who to invite and the response was wonderful!

I was inspired by the SheReadsTruth Study.  I wanted something that was easy for people to commit to, with their busy schedules and I wanted to bless each of them with a dinner that they didn’t have to prepare for once. I kept it simple and made spaghetti (but healthified if of course) good thing they are all so great and don’t mind my healthy cooking. I am already looking forward to next month!


My tables scape was inspired by our outside garden and these beautiful napkin rings I got from my BFF for Christmas! Gotta love using the outdoors!


The evening was just what I prayed for! I know God is going to do great things and is already doing great things through this group and I can’t wait to grow with each of these women more and more!

Questions: Do you ever work weekends? Are you a baseball fan?


5 responses to “Weekend Wrap-Up”

  1. I admire your planning skills. Great to watch how you plan your days and meals out. I need motivation to become a better planner 🙂

  2. taylor ashley Avatar
    taylor ashley

    I am dying too hear about your daily eats! 🙂

  3. So many wonderful things in this post! Sounds like you are living it up as usual my dear and that dress looks just stunning on you! Ah, and that tilapia! I wish there was a recipe for that because it looks outstanding! Have a great week hun!

  4. On average I work 3 weekends a month. I actually like working the weekends (provided I’m on 2nd shift on Sunday so I can go to church first!!)!
    I’ve never tried the quinoa oats- but they sure look tasty!
    Have a wonderful day!

  5. Exciting! I work at one of the Temecula wineries, I’m happy to hear you are visiting!