Yes I am a “Yes” Women, So What!

Ok so yes I am a “Jamaican” as my dear friend Sandy would like to say or a “Yes” women as my WWR teammates like to call me. I do have a lot of odd jobs, but I love everything I do and I wouldn’t trade my life for the world( plus a little extra $$ never hurt).

Yes I might be crazy busy a lot of the time, but to me I am living my life to the fullest!!! How do I do all that I do?! I plan!!

With my iPhone

calandar 001

My Day Planner

calandar 002

My Google Tasks!

calandar 003

Between these three things, some how I mange to stay on top of things!

Last night I sat down and reevaluated my old morning routine and came up with a new .

5:00 – Alarm

5:40 –Leave for Cross Country Practice(Mon,Wed,Thurs) & Bobbi’s Boot camp( Fridays)

6:00– Run with the team or Boot camp

7:00 –Get Ready at Mom’s house(she lives close)

7:30-Make Breakfast + Blog on iPhone

7:45 – Take off to work

8:00-Arrive at work and start my day

Well folks it’s 5:30am I gots to get out of here, see you tonight for a recap of my “Making the Cut”!!

Oh and look at this pic  “Dangerous Dozen” at the finish line!!!


Happy almost FRIDAY!!!


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