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Haven’t received my confirmation email yet?

Super excited about this! I’m getting married June 27, it’s never too early to start working out. Thanks, Bobbi!

Hi Bobbi-

Will these workouts be similar to the workouts in the summer shreds?



I am so excited because my best friend’s wedding is in October and mine is in June (I’ll be dress shopping in September!) . I have 16 pounds until I reach my goal weight and I am so ready!!

Thanks 🙂

Do you offer this 1x per year? I get married in may so just curious!!

I think I shall offer it again in the Spring!

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This is great! My friend just sent this over to me and I am very excited to get started. The wedding is September 7 so this falls in perfectly!

So excited to get started! My friend sent this over and it will be great as my wedding is September 7! I am hoping I made the cut for the 30 :). Look forward to it!

awesome, I’m sharing this in the next newsletter!

I am all signed up!

Hey Ashley Lynn, same thing happened to me- I signed up yesterday and still haven’t received a confirmation email. So I have the same question!

Same! No confirmation email yet.

Hey Brooke and Meg! YOUR IN! Confirmation will go out today!!!

Hey ladies super excited about this. I signed up this afternoon but haven’t received a confirmation email yet so just making sure I did it correctly? Brooke my wedding date is October 12 th as well!

Hooray for October 12!

Ashley it is coming today!!!

Great thanks Bobbi!!

Wish I had this last year when I got married! But I went ahead and email it to a soon to be bride I know. 🙂

I have been following your blog for a few months now and have been wanting to get involved with one of your shreds. I am getting married on October 12 and would love to be part of this! Thanks for setting it up!


This is so exciting. Just the thing I have been looking for. Can’t wait to get started!


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