{Five Minute Friday} Begin

Well last week’s Five Minute Prompt was a lot of fun, FINISH.

I am really starting to truly enjoy just sitting down for 5 minutes and writing from my heart (I hope you don’t mind all the errors). I love not over thinking what I am going to write, but really just getting whatever is on my mind out there.

OK it’s time for five beautiful, sacred, unrushed, unedited minutes —-> this week word is BEGIN:


Beginning something is always exciting for me! A new book, a new budget, a new workout schedule, a new recipe…I love starting fresh and having new oppertunities at any chance I get. I began the journey of motherhood way before we got the call for RJ to come in to our home. It all began when God planted the seed in my heart to become a Mom, I don’t know if I was 21 or 25…but I do remember the first time that I wanted to become a mom. It was the first time I held my best friends daughter. She was perfect and so beautiful. I knew right then, that someday I was gonna be a mom.

Beginnings are kinda of bittersweet if you think about it, you only get one chance to start something. Well, unless you re-read that favorite book or begin a new Netflix serious. But one thing is for sure that no matter what, the one thing you can always start over, start fresh, from scratch, is each day (well as long as God gives them to us). So maybe the day wasn’t so great, but God give’s us new mercies, fresh new beginnings each and every morning. I don’t know about you…but that brings me so much comfort.

Question: When you think of the work begin, what comes to mind? 


2 responses to “{Five Minute Friday} Begin”

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  2. Beginnings are exciting! Thanks for the reminder that God gives us a new beginning every day, and there is so much beauty in that!

    Stopping over from Five minute Fridays!