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We live in an itty-bitty town in Michigan and on Friday nights the “trolley” goes around town and picks folks up for free and you can get on/off at any of the stops, shop, eat out, etc. We did it with our 7 kiddos and they had so much fun! We only did it once but we will be doing it much more next summer!

Your daughter is the cutest thing ever. I love the color theme and not a specific theme, you can do so much more! I’d love to take a strictly TRX class, but I haven’t found one around here yet. xoxo, ganeeban

One thing is hard! Family hikes, ocean trip, and daily walks at the dog park.

Pump is awesome! I taught CXworx when we lived in South Carolina but Les Mills is not as popular in my area of Washington. Would love to see it at the gym we go to but probably not going to happen.

your blonde curls are so purdy!!

It’s so crazy how fast the first year goes by. The second is actually even faster and don’t even get me started on how fast three is going! Before I know it my guy will be starting kindergarten!?! Anyway, she’s a doll 🙂 Looking forward to seeing you at Blogfest! Are you staying in the Marriott or commuting? You’re in the area right?

Staying at the marriot!!!

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