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I really liked your recap. I’ve read quite a few (including my own) and yours was so nicely laid out and succint but really hit on all the high points! The Fivesse bag I got is AMAZING and I highly recommend it. I’ve used it to go work-gym-home since I’ve gotten back and its TOTALLY worth it!

I had so much fun with you!!!!

As a spin instructor YES get certified it’s amazing! I would have LOVED to hear some of the instructors cues. I always struggle coming up with new ways to motivate my classes without being silly. I was headed to the convention this summer but it wasn’t meant to be. So now I’m reading everyones reviews and making my plans for next summer! Sounds like a great time!

This convention sounds amazing! I’ve never heard of it until this year and after really starting to follow fitness/lifestyle/running bloggers daily! Looks like a great event and tons of fun people. I love your word you just taught me: BLENDS! haha! xoxo, ganeeban

Great recap Bobbi! When you get spin certified, I’m taking one of your classes for sure! 😉 XOXO

I will hold you to it!!!

I had such a blast at IDEA and SO glad we got to hang! I just wish there were more of them… great recap! 🙂

I just love reading everyone’s recap of the expo. I am just starting my health/fitness blog and love all the honest tips. I would love to meet Jillian one day. Her DVDs are my favorite go to workouts!

I have never heard of it and I would like to know can people who just like to work out go? Or do you need to be invited? This seems so so so amazing!!!!

People who like to work out can just go. You don’t have to be invited or a fitness professional!

YES! Anyone can sign up!

Agree on all of these! Loved that spin class and heard there are a few in my area I’m going to be hunting down. I LOVE those Fivesse bags and one will be on my christmas list too! If I don’t break down and buy one first 🙂 So great to get to hang out with you and looking forward to hopefully seeing you again in the near future!

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