10 Years in 2010

California Class of 2000 knows how to  P-A-R-T-Y!!!!


Let’s back up a bit…

Yesterday Sarah(our senior class VP) and I went on a 4 mile run before the craziness began!!! It was so fun catching up with her. In high school we ran cross-country together and were super close. But you know life happens and you go your separate ways. There is something about running that keeps you united forever 🙂

After our run we headed over to D’s for decoration prep 🙂 We made 17 flower balls for each of our tables. Check this out we bought the stands that their on at thrift stores and then spray painted them silver. Made them look just like new!  We sure know how to decorate on the cheap!

They looked so beautiful on the tables 🙂


We also had themes for each table.


The venue was perfect! The lights were dim and elegant , but I turned them on for the pic.


They even were able to put our school symbol up on the stage. So nice!

Our Candy Bar 🙂


This was a big HIT! All the candies were in our school colors.


We had take-home bags that people could fill up 😉


A bigger hit was our cupcake table!!! An Alumni from our school is a baker, so she created this “Cupcake Wars” kind of amazingness!


Their were over 500 mini cupcakes with fun flavors like, Bourbon Eggnog, Margarita, Coffee and Cream….

IMG_3226 IMG_3237
IMG_3236 IMG_3233 


I made fun awards to give out to classmates.


Our give-away baskets we worked so hard on!


When you entered the event you were welcomed by this beautiful kiosk. I just love old theaters!


We even had a red carpet entrance!


Our check in table.


Name tags


Love all the high school photos 🙂


Senior PREZ and VP!

As you can see I went with the silver dress, thanks everyone for the tips!


Getting ready to start the night off!

IMG_3259 IMG_3260 

The MC’s for the evening 🙂


I was so busy running around that I never really ate any of my dinner. The couple of bites of chicken and mashed potatoes that I did have were really good!


Three of our classmates did a little skit to welcome everyone.


We even had Kai Kalama (American Idol finalist) perform a little note 🙂 HE needs to make  CD, I would so buy it.

I couldn’t have pulled off this even  without these beautiful ladies!


Best friends forever!




It was nice how people could mingle outside in the foyer.


My wonderful cousin was so great and helped us with the check-in. So of course I told her to join the PARTY!


Old friends 🙂

IMG_3279 IMG_3278


IMG_3282 IMG_3283


IMG_3286 IMG_3287

The DJ played a ton of great 2000 hits! He was the best DJ I have ever heard.


Love dancing 🙂



MC BOBBI called it a night! “You don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here!”


Oh wait first everyone please EAT the CUPCAKES!!!


I may or may not have eaten like 10 of these! They all tasted incredible 🙂


Last dance! As you can see I ended the evening with style 🙂


Such a fantastic evening, the night couldn’t have gone better! I am so proud of our class of being mature and just overall good people.


Today was our last reunion event. We had lunch with everyone’s families at a local park. It was great to see everyone’s children and to say our farewells.


Oh Baby Oh Baby


Am I ready?

IMG_3327 IMG_3328

IMG_3329 IMG_3331

WOW what a crazy 48 hours!!!!!!! I so  loved every minute of it. Now time for REST! 

So anyone want to hire me to do their reunion?!


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