Yesterday I witnessed over 60+ people do something I couldn’t fathom ever doing, they were running a 100 mile RACE!!!!


The Coto de Caza Rocky Road Endurance run (


My friend Justin looking good at mile 35!


He is so strong!


I am so glad we were able to support! This is my first ever race I was a spectator instead of a race participant. It was so fun! Even though it was tempting me to want to do a race soon. His wife and my Hubby cheering him on.


Things you see at a 100 mile race, Pedialyte.


At mile 50 you are aloud to have a pacer. We cheered on Justin one last time and headed off to dinner.


Hubby and I never eat out this much! Hubby insists on getting his last few meals in before we take on our challenge. He is getting really serious about it 🙂 We couldn’t find a single place to eat at that wasn’t over an hour wait (side note I hate going out to eat on the weekends). We finally went the Carino’s Italian Restaurant.

We started with Rosemary Sourdough bread and roasted olive oil.


I got the vegetable primavera with marinara sauce instead of the cream sauce.


Justin is down to his last 3 miles!!!!! GO JUSTIN!!!!!!


Off to work I go!

Question: Have you ever known someone to do a 100 mile race on foot? Would you ever consider doing one?


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