18 Miles Done and Done!

I did it, my longest run before my marathon on December 6th! I slept terrible last night so I wasn’t sure how my run would go. I was full of anxiety and I am not sure why!! I think it might be because I had coffee earlier that morning, but that would be crazy. Despite the lack of sleep I rose at 5:45am and had a piece of toast with AB, Honey, and Pumpkin Butter.

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I had to buy some Gu last night, because the store that I buy my Hammer from was CLOSED!!! I was not super excited about trying something new,but I knew I needed something. I bought two gels, a drink pack, and some chomps.

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I am so glad that I mapped out my route because I was able to know what to expect. My friend Melody met me at the beginning of my run and ran 8 miles with me. We haven’t seen each other in a while so it was great to catch up on life and watch the miles pass by! The first few miles it was pouring down RAIN hardcore and we were both DRENCHED!!! I was kind of worried about massive chaffing, but because I have ran an ENTIRE MARATHON IN THE RAIN I knew I would be ok.

1 2








After mile 8 Melody left and plugged Pandora in and was on my way! The next 8 miles were not too bad, but at mile 16 I started to hit my WALL. I knew that I good push through it  but that didn’t make it any easier. I started to think about the fun weekend I was going to have and how I was not going to have to RUN at all!! I finished strong, barely and actually had a great TIME!


1 9:40
2 9:51
3 9:49
4 8:33
5 8:43
6 9:33
7 9:35
8 9:32
9 11:58( I forgot to stop my watch when I said goodbye to Melody)
10 9:08 (took my Gu and it didn’t bother my tummy at all!)
11 9:51
12 8:43
13 9:23
14 8:20
15 8:05
16 8:22
17 8:24
18 8:10

Distance: 18 miles
Average Pace: 9:05

When I finished I drove over to Starbucks and got a Soy Peppermint Decaf Mocha and a banana! I called up Hubby and told him to fill up the bath tub with water so I could take an ice bath when I got home. I love ICE BATHS! I wish I had time to do them after every long run. I know they are painful but the result of not being sore is AMAZING!

blog 169

Before the ice went in.

blog 170

FREEZING!! The ice bag wouldn’t break so Hubby just dropped the whole block in!

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A great way to start of my FRIDAY, I am sure I will CRASH HARD tonight!

When I got to work I enjoyed leftovers from last night, with some added eggplant and bell peppers.

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I am still super hungry, I need some MORE FOOD! 

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Well friends, I have a conference to register for so I gotta hop to it! I can’t wait to hang out with my pops, I haven’t seen him in forever!!!



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