20 Minute Tuesday

Hi Friends!!

So last night I tried out Cross-fit for the first time! I have been dying to see what this hype is all about and when I found out I can try a month out for nearly nothing, I decided why not?! I won’t be doing it everyday as I am doing Insanity as well (which I love) but on me weight training days I am going switch it out ๐Ÿ™‚

So what did I think?? It was fun! Not exactly as I expected, but pretty close. Honestly if I just judged it by this one class I would say it wasn’t nothing harder then what I normally do, but I know every workout is different. It’s also very competition like, which I like because that’s how I am wired!! I know that competitiveness is not for everyone, but that is the whole reason I sign up for races!! I am interested to see how the incorporate all the muscle groups and how many calories I burn in each class.

I thought I would give you a little piece of what we did last night, but not exactly, because you would need a kettle bell. We did the following workout for time. So basically we powered through as hard as we could to see how fast we could do it. I killed it and finished in under 11 minutes!! I better have, I have been doing interval training for 5 years now!!

Here is the WOD-Workout of the Day

400 meter run
50 squats
50 shoulder presses (I used 15lbs)
50 full Situps
400 meter run
30 squats
30shoulder presses (I used 15lbs)
30 full Situps
400 meter run


I am gonna try it out again tonight ๐Ÿ™‚



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