20 Minute Tuesday

Happy Tuesday and first day of November!!!
Today’s workout is short and sweet, but killer!!
You will have 20 minutes to complete 20 rounds. The faster you get through a round the more time you have to recover after each round before it’s time for your next round.
The goal is to do the following cricut 20 times! I have made a little video to explain it a little more….
******* Video 20 minute Tuesday ***************
5 pushups
8-10 jump squats
4-5 trx rows or pullup bar chin-ups
This is not easy and that’s the point! The goal of this workout is to work as hard and as fast as you can (with excellent form) then use your remaining seconds of each minute to recover.
1. Don’t push more rounds than you can handle. If you can get 20 rounds in 20
minutes then you’re a rock star if not then do what your body can handle and
work on improving over time.
2. Come up with your own set of exercises if you don’t like the ones listed
here, but make sure they target the larger muscles upper back,
glutes/hamstrings/quads, and chest/core.
3. Use a timer and a journal to keep track of rounds. Post your exercises and number of rounds
below if you like.
Question: Now that it’s the beginning of the month, do you have any new mini goals???


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