20 Minute Tuesday: Leg Workout

How about a killer leg workout???? I did this the other day courtesy of the Fitnessista and I loved it 🙂

My buns are still burning!

Picture 131

Equipment: 5lb dumbells, chair or bench
Time: 20 minutes

Warm-up, cardio 5-7 minutes (low intensity, bringing it up to moderate)- run/walk, elliptical, bike, jump rope

Complete the following circuit, and then repeat the entire thing 1-2 more times. Use weights that are challenging, but that are appropriate for your fitness level.

1. Split squat (12-15 on each side)
2. Jump squats (pyramid style, as demonstrated in the video)
3. Calf raises (15)
4. Jumping lunges (30 seconds)
5. Sumo deadlift (use 5lb dumbbells instead of the barbell 12-15)

See you all soon!


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