Hello lovelies! Hope your week is going well.  I decided to make this a new series here at NHS to give you all more ideas on how to get a great workout in, in less than 20 minutes! Best part is you can do it  in your living room. Or if it’s nice outside take it outdoors!


Time: 15-20 minutes
What you will need: 5-10lb Free Weights and a yoga mat

1. Warm up 5 minutes

2. 50 Alternating Front Lunges with a Bicep Curl

3. 50 Jumping Jacks

4. 25 Tricep Dips on a chair

5. 50 Tight Leg Squat with a Tricep Kick Back (free weights)

6. 50 Jumping Jacks

7. 25 Pushups

8. 50 Standing fly’s (free weights)

9. 50 Sumo Squats (You can do it!)

10. 50 Bicycle Crunches

11. 50 Mountain Climbers

12. 1 minute Plank

13. 25 Pushups

If you want to push it do this set ONE MORE TIME!!!!

Alright friends get to it!!!!


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