the challenge: thirty days to fast and pray

Take a small glimpse into the lives of millions of our global neighbors by giving up something different every day. Go without your bed, shoes, money, voice, entertainment, water, electricity, and more. May you experience the transforming power of God as you are being changed and causing change in the world around you!


When my friend Sandy told me about this 30 day challenge, I was so excited to partake! I have a huge heart for things like World Vision and what they are all about. When I was 18 I adopted a little girl from Africa, and sent her money until she was 18. Then she grew up and now is on her own and doing well. 

The best part is after the the 30 day fast there is going to be an amazing exhibit: It is a 2,500 square foot interactive exhibit that invites visitors to "step into Africa" by hearing, seeing and walking through an African village to personally experience the lives of children affected by AIDS. The stirring audio tour and captivating photography will transport you into the life of an African child and give you a new perspective on the greatest humanitarian crisis of our time… AIDS.

I am starting a little late, the challenge started on the September 19th, but I am going to jump on board any way!

Some of the things that I will be fasting from these next 20 days, a bed, shoes, convince, comfort, electricity, running water…fasting isn’t just about food.

So anyone else want to join me?

Today’s challenge: Fast From Hurry!

No Hurry, … In Africa." bumper sticker in Tanzania

Our days are so full of appointments, to do lists, deadlines, and activities it’s no wonder we can’t often find time to “help the poor.” We seem to be running at a fast pace, sometimes late everywhere we go, which makes it difficult to be concerned about lives and plans other than our own. In many parts of the world, people seem to have a different notion of time, which values relationships over schedules. Choose today to slow your life down so you can be more present in the present. Try to get somewhere 20 minutes early, or cut something out of your calendar completely. Practice “African time,” focusing more on people than planners. See how God might fill your day in other ways.

How can you schedule more “breathing room” in your days and weeks to allow for an unplanned opportunity to minister to someone in need, instead of racing by?

WOW this is going to be tough!

Do you think you could Fast from Hurry?


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