30 Things to Do Before I Turn 30

I can’t believe it’s 2012 and more importantly I can’t believe it’s going to be new ERA, a new decade, a new chapter in my story. Yes, this year I will be turning the big 30!! I am not gonna lie I am not so happy about this. Ever since 2012 hit, I have been plotting a way to skip 30 and just stay 29 forever. I keep thinking about the episode of Friends where Rachel turns 30 and just wants to stay in her room and pout, that won’t be me, or will it?

Instead of pouting (although that sounds like more fun) I am going to EMBRACE it!! 30 is going to be a great year it’s going to be the year that I do all those things that I have had on my bucket list forever and I never make time to do them. It’s going to be the year of courage and stepping out and taking life by the horns. Not letting a single day go by that I didn’t CHOOSE JOY!

I have done so much already in my life that I am so proud of…

  • I have found the man of my dreams
  • I have qualified and ran the Boston Marathon
  • I have done a Half Iron Man
  • I have swam in the ocean
  • I have been to Italy and tasted REAL spaghetti
  • I have ice skated in NYC
  • I have been to Hawaii not once, but twice
  • I have been snowboarding down the Diamond slopes
  • I have done a 13 mile bike ride winery tour through the most beautiful parts of Napa
  • I have lived in Mexico
  • I have seen the Grand Canyon
  • I have climbed Mt. Whitney
  • I have graduated high school
  • I have graduated college
  • I have danced in Time Square
  • I have been to Opryland
  • I have been to a real Rodeo
  • I have been to 42 states
  • I have been to to Graceland
  • I have been white water rafting in North Carolina
  • I have lived in the Mid-West, Southwest, South and West Coast
  • I have coached high school cross country
  • I have found a job I look forward to going to every day
  • I have been a barista
  • I have been an high school athletic director
  • I have been a maid of honor 4 times
  • I have built a house
  • I have seen the northern lights
  • I have sailed
  • I have been snorkeling
  • I have been to Disney World
  • I have been on a Cruise Boat twice
  • I have been to Wrigley Field
  • I have been in Sears Tower
  • I have been cliff diving
  • I have my PT license
  • I have the best dog ever
  • I have done three 200-mile relays with the craziest friends
  • I have been to Branson, Missouri and loved it
  • I have walked the whole Mall of America
  • I have been to several movies by myself
  • I have driven to Texas and back in 48 hours
  • I have watched all my best friends get married
  • I have this BLOG
  • …and much much more!

So to make this year even more fun, I thought I would make a list of 30 things I haven’t done and complete them before I am 30. I only have 48 days till April 20th, so I have to get to it!! Without further ado here is my list:

#1. Go to Sea World (it’s in CA and I have never been).

#2. Take my parents out to dinner and pay for them! (Did this August 2013)

#3. Sign up at the hospital to hold babies.

#4. Watch the trilogy of Narnia.

#5. Go to a live LA basketball game. (Went to a Clippers game March 2012)

#6. Read a classic novel more than 300 pages.

#7. Sing karaoke at a bar.

#8 Eat a cupcake from a famous bakery. (Did this January 2012)

#9. Get a tattoo. (Did this November 2012)

#10. Tour the Temecula wineries. (Did this April 2013)

#11. Take a dance class with Hubby.

#12. Learn to sew a button or him a seam.

#13. Play a fill round of golf on a real golf course.

#14. Go camping with just the two of us. (Did this July 2012)

#15. Donate blood.

#16. Go to Diddy Riese in LA.

#17. Make Eggs Benedict.

#18. Ride on a motorcycle.

#19. Learn to play one full song on the guitar.

#20. Pay for a strangers coffee.

#21. Go to a horse track.

#22. Organize all my music on my iPod.

#23. Organize all my photos.

#24. Go paintball.

#25. Go to a drive in theater.

#26. Get my hands dirty in the garden.

#27. Have an all day marathon of Friends and never leave the house!

#28. Mow the lawn.

#29. Hike to Hidden Falls.

#30. Eat frozen custard.

There you have it! 30 things I want to do before I am 30. As you can see I already did one last night!! Hubby and I enjoyed my cheat night at one of the best Italian Restaurant, Bella Trattoria and then had dessert at Casey’s Cupcakes!! We got a peanut butter cupcake, I enjoyed two bites but still am not a fan of cupcakes.

Who knows what’s next!!



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