5 Things Friday: News

Hi friends!


This 5 things Friday is dedicated to some EXCITING NEWS!!!

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It has been one very exciting and tiring week.

Why so? Because I started training at a NEW GYM!!! Exciting right? It’s called TBT (Total Body Training) Bootcamp. It’s not your typical gym and it’s EXACTLY what I already love to do. It’s BOOTCAMP style training. Each class is 45 minutes and it’s a full body workout. The best part is I get to write my own workouts and I get to do what I already LOVE doing boot camp style workouts!

It has been a total God thing. The owner of the gym sought me out and we get a long so well. Gotta love social media 😉 So my HIM training this week has not been up to par due to learning and I have already taught three classes! So far I am taking on Thursday nights and THREE classes (starting at 5am) on Fridays! I am really excited about where this is going to take me and believe me I will be sharing some awesome boot camp workouts with all of you!

I am really excited about this new adventure!

P.S. I still will be teaching one day a week at the KB gym, I just love it too much!


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