9 Hours Of Sleep

I can’t believe I got almost 9 hours of sleep last night!

Last night I forgot to set the alarm so my body naturally slept in until 6:45am. I feel great, sometimes when I get too much sleep I just want to stay tucked in bed but, this morning I jumped out of bed and went straight to the kitchen.

I made a big bowl of mixed cereal: Cheerio’s, Honey Bunnies, and Zoe’s Granola. I also threw in some peaches and blueberries.

bobbi 009

I was missing protein, so I decided to make a piece of toast with PB and honey.

bobbi 011

I caught up on some email and blogs while enjoying my breakfast. Check out this link for some great lunch box sandwich ideas!!

bobbi 012

I got 15 minutes to get ready!!!! Today is FREE LUNCH at work day, so no packing my lunch:).

Do you ever get free lunch at work ??


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