Sorry I was MIA this morning I was out running in the cold!

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This is the first time this season that I had to bust out my long sleeves for a run! The run was so brisk and sweet, nice to run without the kiddos. Because we ran later in the morning I had to make breakfast at my desk, good thing I packed it last night :).

I made a delicious bowl of microwave oats (not as good as stove top). I added in half a nanner, soy milk, water, peanuts, and some wheat berries.

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Lunch was a repeat, our fridge is SO EMPTY!!! I was challenging myself not to go to the market this week unless there was nothing else to make, were pretty close. 

I made another Flat Out Wrap topped with one light Laughing Cow Cheese and stuffed with a Masala Burger, Veggies, and Grapes.

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All wrapped up!

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A side of blue corn chips.

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More veggies (steamed).

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And I had another bite of this cookie I got from a co-worker yesterday. I am hoping it lasts all week :).

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You know what I realized today? I only have 9 weeks until the Santa Barbara Marathon!! I better start training.

Can’t wait till tonight, Hubby and I are having Thai food and then I have scrapbooking with the BFF’s!

What are your plans for tonight??


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