A Bottomless Pit!

That’s what I felt like today, I wanted to eat everything in sight! I am not sure if it was because of my intense boot camp this morning or if it’s because mother nature is coming to visit? I am also working at a desk now, which I am not used to so it is super easy to snack!! I even caved in and bought a bag of peanut M&M’s from the vending machine 🙂 Oh well they were yummy, I did share.

Tonight Hubby and I checked out a new restaurant that just opened around the corner, called Waba Grill.



They are a franchise so they have them everywhere :)  I was super excited because I love having healthy choices to eat when going out to dinner. I chose the Salmon Brown Rice Bowl. It looked amazing and was super cheap!


It was wonderful, the Salmon was the perfect texture and grilled to perfection. I loved the rice too, it was sticky my fave! I would have liked some more veggies, so next time I will have to add some.

After dinner I went to my pilates class with my boot camp ladies and then on a 3 mile run. When I got home I was starving again!!! I decided to make a protein shake to shut the monster up! I used 1/2 a packet of Jay Robb. Whey Chocolate Protein, 1 banana,1 cup almond milk, and a spoonful of PB.


The perfect dessert/snack!


I am super tired and have a ton to do. Hubby did laundry so I have to put it away, make lunch,clean up kitchen, finish Featured Fridge post!! Hope to get into bed at a decent hour 🙂

Nite Nite!


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