A Crazy Sexy Super Bowl Party

It was one of those weekends where I remembered how much I LOVE living in So CAL! The weather was absolutely perfect! It is true that majority of the time we enjoy 70 degree weather all year long and I LOVE every minute of it!


I started off Super Bowl Sunday with a little 10k with the running buddies.


When I got home I enjoyed my new favorite juice recipe:


1 cucumber
1 beet
handful of spinach
4 stalks of celery
2 carrots
1 green apple
1 lemon
1 inch of ginger

Throw it all into a juicer and enjoy. I love how the beet adds a bit of sweetness.


I had to work on Sunday for just a bit, so I got dressed and headed up the mountain.


Came back down the mountain and got ready for a casual and comfy McCormick VEGAN super bowl party!!


This festive table was waiting for friends to bring more goodies (ones that I probably would not enjoy),  they all did great!


I did make some pretty amazing Vegan recipes that everyone loved! It honestly wasn’t that difficult to make any of them. This SUPER BOWL I was determined to stick to CLEAN EATING!

I started with this awesome Vegan Party Chex Mix:

16 ounces Wheat Chex
12 ounces Rice Chex
10 ounces Cheerios
10 ounces pretzels (sticks are best or the small ones)
10 ounces (or a little more!) mixed nuts
10 ounces peanuts
12 ounces vegan butter (I like Earth Balance)
1/4 cup Amino Acids or vegan Worcestershire sauce
1 tablespoon garlic salt
1 tablespoon onion salt
1 tablespoon celery salt

Melt vegan butter in small sauce pan; stir in Amino Acids or vegan Worchestershire sauce and seasoning salts. Let stand. Meanwhile in two roasting pans, divide the nuts, cereals and pretzels. Divide vegan butter mixture between both pans, pouring over cereal and mixing lightly. Bake uncovered at 225 degrees for 2 hours stirring gently every 20 minutes. Spread out on brown paper or paper towel-lined baking sheets to cool. Store in air tight container. Will keep for a long time.


A whole bar of veggies, hummus, and Mama Pea’s 7 Layer dip!


And a healthier version chili bar! I made one Crazy Sexy Vegan Chili and one Turkey Chili!


This year was pretty chill with just a few friends from work and some family. I honestly love having parties at our house and I wish I could invite you all!  I really just love the Super Bowl so I get to hang out with friends. My goal of sticking to clean eats this Super Bowl Party was a success!!!!!!


This weekend also concluded week 4 of NROL! I will be doing a full review of PHASE 1 in just two short weeks. I can’t believe how much this book is challenging me!


Oh and look what special delivery came in this weekend!!! HELLO Chobani Smile Aren’t these the cutest. They are only 100 calories and the perfect size dessert! I can’t have a whole lot of dairy, but for some reason Greek Yogurt does not bother my tummy!


I thought I would leave you with our last three party recaps!!

Super Bowl 2009
Super Bowl 2010
Super Bowl 2011
Super Bowl 2012

What is your favorite thing about the Super Bowl?


5 responses to “A Crazy Sexy Super Bowl Party”

  1. wow what an amazing set up..so professional.. All the food looks so tasty, and healthy! Way to go! I loved the commercials 🙂

  2. Your eats look so tasty – and healthy! Way to go!

    In the second outfit you’re wearing, are those Wunder Under leggings? They look so comfy! I am totally coveting a pair…

  3. All the food looks great!

  4. I thought Beyonce did a great job with the half-time show! Otherwise, my friends and I had fun making Super Bowl snacks for the guys. Love your Chex Mix re-do! I’ll have to give that a try. 🙂

  5. I slept through the Super Bowl but my favorite commercials (watched on YouTube the next morning) were God made a farmer and the Budweiser Clydesdale one (my husband actually woke me up to see it because he said it reminded him of my horse needles and I)