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wow what an amazing set professional.. All the food looks so tasty, and healthy! Way to go! I loved the commercials 🙂

Your eats look so tasty – and healthy! Way to go!

In the second outfit you’re wearing, are those Wunder Under leggings? They look so comfy! I am totally coveting a pair…

All the food looks great!

I thought Beyonce did a great job with the half-time show! Otherwise, my friends and I had fun making Super Bowl snacks for the guys. Love your Chex Mix re-do! I’ll have to give that a try. 🙂

I slept through the Super Bowl but my favorite commercials (watched on YouTube the next morning) were God made a farmer and the Budweiser Clydesdale one (my husband actually woke me up to see it because he said it reminded him of my horse needles and I)

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