Bringing Things Back

I haven’t been eating that much different from how I was eating on the Crazy Sexy Challenge. Still sticking to NO meat (except fish), little if no gluten, very little dairy, all natural foods, but bringing back eggs and coffee. Not everyday, I will have 2 cups of coffee a week (I LOVE the taste) and some eggs once in a while.


Bringing back CHOBANI! These babies are one of the very few things that I can eat that don’t bother my tummy! THANK GOODNESS!!! Have you tried these Chobani bites? Pineapple and Carmel is my new favorite and it’s only 100 calories, all natural, 8 grams of protein, and full of flavor!


I am also in LOVE with Vega Sport Vanilla Protein powder in my Green Monsters.  I have been drinking these post gym workouts, as I am trying to build muscle.


My newest find at Trader Joe’s is this wonderful Superfood Pilaf! I haven’t tried it yet, but it looks amazing!


I have been munching all week on the Crazy Sexy Vegan Chili from our Super Bowl Party all week.


Along with Annie’s delicious organic soups!


Oh and if you seen these Zone Simply Perfect bars? Only 6 ingredients, 10 grams of protein and gluten free! The coconut ones are my favorite.


My favorite snack is back as well!!!! A piece of Ezekiel toast, avocado, fried egg, and pepper! I love this right before I teach kickboxing, it is the perfect amount energy I need for my class.


Friends came to my kickboxing class tonight! They KICKED BUTT!!!!


Also YOGA is back in my life! I have been practicing at least once a week! The power hour class at Inner Evolution Yoga is my favorite!


Ok so this post was a bit random…but things are well and I am FEELING AMAZING lately and I know it has to do with all the good things I am putting in my mind, body and soul!

P.S. I started Downton Abby this week!!! WHY did I wait so long? I LOVE IT! I want to wear big hats, drink tea in the garden, and say My Lady to everyone I know.



9 responses to “Bringing Things Back”

  1. I just got the Superfood Pilaf at TJ’s today! So excited to try it. I am also really looking forward to trying some Chobani bites, I love all their other yogurts.

  2. I just saw the other comment about the superfood pilaf and had to scroll back up. I don’t know how I missed that part of your post. Sounds yummy, another thing I will have to keep my eyes out for.

  3. I am loving the Chobani bites too! I have only tried the Coffee with dark chocolate chunks, but now I am dying to try caramel pineapple.

    Downton Abby is great on my Ipad when using the treadmill. Just long enough to keep me running!

  4. I guess I’m late to the party. I had to look up Downtown Abbey cause I had no clue. LOL

    I love the vanilla vega products. I use the Vega One and the Sport Protein. Also love their Sport Recovery after Bikram or long bike rides. I wasn’t a fan of their chocolate though. I’m so glad I bought the packets and not a huge tub. I was surprised because I’m a huge chocolate fan (or used to be). I wasn’t crazy about chocolate Shakeology either.

  5. Glad to see you are keeping up with mostly CSD eating, even post cleanse. I have pretty much kept it up as well, with a few modifications.

  6. OMG, you just started Downton??! Welcome to the fan club, girl! That show is the best — and the third season just started on PBS. I love all your eats, they look super tasty and healthy! I tried the coconut Zone bar once and wasn’t a huge fan, but I think I should try the other flavors — I love that they have really clean ingredients.

  7. Oh my goodness, I am so excited to pick up some of that superfood pilaf this weekend. Thank you for sharing!!

  8. You ladies are all so funny about your love for Downtown Abbey, but I guess I shouldn’t’ say anything because I’ve never watched it. 🙂

  9. My husband and I are addicted to Downton Abbey too. It’s a great show!

    I haven’t seen the Simply Zone bars yet, but I’ll have to keep looking! I’m betting coconut would be my favorite as well. 🙂