A new perspecitve

It’s Monday and I need a new attitude toward the day. I used to look forward to Mondays, called it my favorite day of the week, but today I am not feeling it. I am sore from the craziness of the weekend, and I see Friday so far away….This week is so go, go, go! I need to stop and breath, but as I look as my crazy calender: run,meetings,work,teach,dinner..etc. I get lost.

So this morning I need to step into life, and enjoy it. To not look at the things that take up time as busyness’s but as living life. How much fun is it that I get to run! How awesome is it that I have the privilege to have a job right now in this struggling economy. What a pleasure it is to teach kickboxing and help people get in to better shape, and how great is it that I get to serve my hubby every night with a meal.

Ok so that is my great attempt to twist the manic Monday into a HAPPY MONDAY!

Side note: I get to meet with the head of the Allied Health Department at the University to discuss my future plans!!!


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