A Non Baker Kind of Cobbler

Good evening everyone, thank you so much for all the tips and advice for improving NHerShoes. I loved all of your ideas, and I didn’t delete Fusion Jazz anyone’s comments, I promise.

Most of you would like to see more of my coaching, workouts, running playlists, more food, and even some vlogging, I will get right on it! Thanks for all the wonderful comments!!!

Work today flew by! It’s my busy season and I have people registering for camps like crazy! At 10am I had a little snacky snack, my last Voskos Greek Yogurt, need more!

food 157

By Noon I was ready to have lunch more the usual, I was actually staring at the clock. Today I brought another Avacado+Veggie Sammie

food 162

Love these:) Avocado, Cucumbers, Tomato, Dijon Mustard, and hair Sprouts

food 159

I had a summer salad on the side. I am kind of looking forward to the Fall so that I can have SOUP! 

food 161

My boss’s boss also shared half of his peach with me because mine was bad 🙁 , what a nice guy.

food 163

My Pre-Workout Snack was 2 rice cakes, PB, and a small Gala apple. 

food 164

Right after work I ran off to coach cross-country practice, today was SPEED WORKOUT day. We ran a one mile warm up and then did 4×100’s fast and 4X100’s recovery slow. After the track workout, we did some crunches, lunges, push-ups, and plank.

I have a fun thing I do with my kiddo’s and the plank. If they can hold the plank longer then me, I have to bring them a surprise at the next practice. No one has beat me YET! What should I bring them if they win???

When I got home I picked some Basil from the Garden and saw this Egg Plant growing, it looks like it is almost about ready but it’s so small. Don’t mind the dead grass, Hubby killed it, he is planting new grass as I type.

food 165

food 166

While cooking dinner I opened a wonderful package that I got today in the mail!!! It’s a cook book called, Clean Food by Terry Walters. I am so excited to read it.

food 167

I made Turkey Spaghetti tonight and it started like this….before…

food 168

and after! I added baby cherrie tomatoes, spinach and a  little rosemary.

food 169

This was one of the best bowls of spaghetti I have ever made. The sauce was perfect, I made it from scratch! I used one can of tomato sauce, 1/2 can of tomato paste, 2 tablespoons of Stevia, some of Emeril’s All Purpose Seasoning, Italian seasoning, and love of course! 

Hubby and I are having dinner at my Mama’s house tomorrow night and I am in charge of Dessert. Since I won’t have time to make it tomorrow I prepared it tonight. I made Kath’s friend’s Ashley’s Healthy Peach Crisp!!

food 171

I followed the recipe exactly except I added blueberries. This is perfect for the non baker like myself if I can make it ANYONE CAN!!!

food 172

I baked it for 20 minutes and tomorrow when I get to my Mama’s house I am going to finish baking it for 10 minutes at 350 degrees. 

food 173

This one is going in my cookbook!

food 174

Look at the pic Hubby just took!!

food 176

I look so serious! Bosco is attached to my hip, I love being his Mom!

food 175 

Alright lovelies I have a 5:30am 4 mile run with Fast Jill, I am going to catch up on blogs, read a little and then call it a night!

See you in the morning!


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