Jewelry Hanger {A Pinterest Project}

Thanks to Pinterest I have gotten my craftiness back! I used to love making things, scrapbooking and being creative in the art room! Well I am back at it. My goal is to make two things off my Pinterest board each week. This can be anything from dinner, a home decoration, hair tutorial or even a gift. I haven’t been so great at sharing with all of you the fun stuff I have made!

So Thursdays I will now be bringing you all a Pinterest Project! I thought this would be fun to encourage you all to start putting those pins to good use! I hope you all enjoy the fun posts.

A couple weeks back I pinned this Jewelry Hanger and it looked simple enough and something that I would totally use! So I ran to Joanne’s and Home Depot and got to it.


I couldn’t decide what fabric I wanted to use, so I bought both of these. Fabric is so cheap so I couldn’t go wrong to get both.


What you will need:

  • one old cork board
  • fabric that covers the entire cork board
  • 6 drawer nobs and 3 drawer handles
  • fabric pins with fun tops
  • staple gun
  • drill


First I took my old cork board and covered it with the fabric I chose. I wrapped the ends around the cork board and stapled them down to the back


Then I screwed in the drawer nobs. The best way to do this is to drill a hold in to the board and then put the nob through.


I did the same thing with the drawer handles. Aren’t the earrings on them the cutest?


Then I lined the entire board with some fashionable fabric pins to give it a little depth.


I even added a fun little bow to add my studs to.


I probably would have loved it more if it had more solid of a pattern, but it goes in a corner in my bathroom where only the Hub’s and I can really see it. But I do love it for it’s use and it was super easy to make! It was also cheap. I am pretty sure the whole project cost me less then $10 to make!


I have so many more projects to show you! I can’t wait Smile

Question: Are you a fan of Pinterest?


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