44 Day Challenge to Maui

Hi Friends!

Oh what a week it has already been. I thought I would get this post up on Monday, but I am working on being a little more spontaneous in my life and had the opportunity to catch a late night ball game with friends. I swear for not having kids, hubby and I sometimes go to bed SO EARLY! I know it’s because we are super active and we appreciate our rest, but we need a to live a little. So we did and we had a blast!!!


(taken from our last Dodgers game)

Thought I would give you all a few updates on what’s been going on in my world or fitness and nutrition. So I made a fun little challenge for myself to get ready for our trip to Maui! Let me first start by saying I am super happy with my body, but who doesn’t want a little more definition in their stomachs and arms when they know they are going to be living in a bathing suit for 8 days?! That’s right we will be leaving for Maui on October 31st to celebrate our 5 year anniversary and because some friends are getting married there.

This will be our third trip to Hawaii. Our first time going we went to Kaui for our Honeymoon and for our one year anniversary we went to the big Island of Kona. I hear Maui is a good mix of both! Hawaii is the one place that I can truly relax so I am super stoked!

So I have been saving like crazy and not signing up for any marathons, which is killing me, but as soon as we get back I will be doing the Mission Inn Half in November and the Jingle Bell Rock half in December. So for now I am sticking to my P90X weight routine:


Here is what my weeks are looking like:

Monday: Run 5-6 miles + ABS
Tuesday: Chest + Triceps + Shoulders + ABS
Wednesday: Kickboxing
Thursday: Rest
Fridays: 6 mile run + ABS
Saturday: GYM: Back and Biceps+ 30 minutes Cardio (Circuit Training)
Sunday: Shoulders and Arms + 30 minutes Cardio (Circuit Training)

So far I am LOVING it! It mixes up the running, weights and even occasional KICKBOXING! I am all about keeping it fresh! I also know that when I lift weights I feel strong and fit. The only thing I wish I had time to get in is YOGA! I miss yoga and I am hoping to get in a Monday afternoon session in more in October.

As far as nutrition goes I am sticking to super CLEAN eats again. After my 21 day Crazy Sexy Challenge I started eating way too much sugar! I am limiting myself to a special treat once a week and I will most likely go for a wonderful glass of red wine.

So here is the full run down for the next 44 days and pretty much what I want to stick to….


  • 80-100 oz water per day
  • one cup of black coffee or tea each morning
  • one cup of milk per day (skim, almond, coconut)


  • meal plan on Sunday for the entire upcoming week
  • meatless Mondays and meat only once a day.
  • three small meals + two snacks daily (designated as meals 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
  • no starchy carbs after dinner
  • no gluten (my stomach seems to be loving this)
  • eat a vegetable and/or fruit with every meal/snack – 2 fruits/day
  • no eating after 9pm
  • no desserts/sweets – no cookies, candy, cake, pie, ice cream, froyo, wine (exception: a little dark chocolate)
  • absolutely NO bites, licks, tastes (BLTs)!
  • one freebee a week —>it’s all about balance


{Sexy salad: Figs, avocado, tomatoes, zucchini, raw kale, spinach, pine nuts, hemp seeds, nutritional yeast, and balsamic vinegar.}


4 days of strength training and abs
5 days cardio (4 days with strength, one day of endurance—at least one hour)



Going through Galatians with She Reads Truth and I am loving it!


So there you have it, new fun challenge, new goals, and new focus! If I am not training for a race I need something to keep me motivated!!!

What keeps you motivated?


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