Camping 2012 + Fresh & Easy Wine Tasting

What an amazing 4 days we just had in Idyllwild! Last year we started a tradition with 7 other couples going to Mt. Zion, Utah! This year we kept it local, due to three brand new little new ones.


We loaded up on Thursday and with the new car we had so much room so we got to bring our bikes!

I would love to say that I was as great at eats as I was on our last camping trip while I was on the Crazy Sexy Challenge, but I enjoyed lots of other goodies! I did stick to a healthy well rounded breakfast of raw oats, nuts, and fruit.


I also did bring some “eggless” tofu salad and enjoyed it for lunch everyday! Each of us were either in charge of dinner or a breakfast. Amber and I teamed up again and made two wonderful soups. I made a chicken corn chowder and she brought a turkey sausage veggie jambalaya!

It was so having our bikes at camp, because Hubby and I had a chance to get out on the trails and get adventurous! I love the thrill of Mountain Biking! I am pretty sure I haven’t been on my mountain bike in 3 years!

I also discovered that I LOVE JUMBO marshmallows’!

We had a fun girls day out in the little town for some coffee and antique shopping.

I also enjoyed my first Pumpkin Ale of the season.


and brought some awesome home-made Cliff Bars!


Did I mention we had a wine tasting? YEP! I did a little twitter tasting with Fresh & Easy and let all my friends try out their wines too!

They were a big hit! We all decided that starting our camping trip with a wine tasting is the only way to camp. I also spent a lot of time resting and reading in the hammock, glorious!


Here are few shots from camp….




Baby E’s new little brother Asher!


She’s getting so big!








so fun!!! I am glad to be back in my comfy bed and eating clean again!!!

Now back to reality Smile Today I am cleaning the house and getting the rest of our fall decorations up!

I am also starting a 44 day challenge in honor of our trip to Maui coming up!!! I will post all the details tonight Smile

Have you ever gone camping with a big group before?


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