An Evening with the Jones in Philly


Our dining experience in downtown Philadelphia was superb. My friend Stephanie was sweet enough to find us this wonderful place. As I walked into Jones, I couldn’t miss the enormous retro 1950’s beach scene that served as a back-drop to the bar. Everyone seemed so happy and vibrant as I watched laughing customers, in a variety of age groups, sitting in their seats, I knew this was going to be a fun place!


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I loved all the wonderful choices on the menu, and just like everywhere we went we asked them what their specialty was and they said we had to have the Mac and Cheese appetizer and like the food enthusiast we are we ordered it of course.

On the Menu there was a Cobb Salad and a Crispy Calamari Salad. Some of the entrees included Rigatoni, Thanksgiving Dinner, Meatloaf, and a Vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie. But the menu also contained some sandwiches and smaller fare such as Chicken Noodle Soup, Tomato Soup with grilled cheese, a Beef Brisket Sandwich, and a Tuna Melt on rye. Many of these were child-friendly items, even though a children’s menu is not offered.


The Mac and Cheese had a very creamy texture, with a wonderful parmesan topping!


Cocktail names on the menu made me want to put flowers in my hair and walk barefoot in the sand: Proud Mary, Hound Dog, A Happy, Bug Juice, Cloud Nine. Matt wanted a tasty soft drink and was offered a Jones soda pop in three fun-filled flavors: Crushed Melon, Berry Lemonade, and Cream Soda. He opted for the Crushed Melon. I ordered an Original Sin, Cherry Cider Beer. It was quite delicious and I loved the mug they served it in.


We also split this humongous flipping plate of chicken nachos! It was piled with black refried beans, salsa, chicken, and cheese.


I had my fare share of course….


It took me a long time to figure out what I wanted for dinner. I loved this little orange clipboard they had to build your own salad, but I just wasn’t in the mood for a salad. 


I went with a portabella sandwich instead with a ton of grilled veggies. Instead of fries I had a large house salad. Why have I never ordered one of these?! The sandwich was juicy and more tasty then I expected, a masterpiece in my opinion.


If you ever have a chance to take a step back in time, book on over Jones at 700 Chestnut Street. Jones’s location, décor, and the upbeat, groovy staff, along with the individualized comfort-food menu make the restaurant a pleasant dining trip back in time for couples and families, as well as for those trendy single hipsters!


After dinner we swung by the indoor market, where we smelled the most amazing Philly cheese steaks, and food galore! If I lived here I would get some of the freshest produce around.

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We also got to tour the city a bit of course, look at the George Washington he is just so dignified.

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When we got back to New Jersey, Stephanie’s hubby Carl was so sweet and made us homemade chocolate hazelnut cookies. I enjoyed a couple more later on our trip of course;)


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