Another Grueling Workout With Gunnar Peterson {Propel}

One of my highlights from the 2015 IDEA World BlogFest was another killer workout with celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson and the The Angry Trainer! I enjoyed the conference on behalf of Propel Electrolyte Water as a part of their Summer 10 Week Challenge!

Gunnar put me and two other bloggers — Monica from Run Eat Repeat and Whitney from Live and Diet in LA — through a fun and KILER circuit workout at the Ritz Carlton gym in LA!


We started with a quick warm up on the treadmill and then moved into front lunges, side lunges and then back lunges all with weights. We moved straight into some killer ab exercises and of course he threw in some tricep dips and pushups. So a full body circuit not for the weak!

You know it was a good workout when your shirt starts telling you to WORK HARD!


Getting my electrolytes in!


I have no idea how I was still smiling!


Here were my goals over the 10 weeks:  

1. Doing three days of strength training (TRX) and two days of cardio workouts. (CHECK!) 
2. Continue to focus on eating WHOLE FOODS! (CHECK!)
3. HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is an advanced form of aerobics designed to strip body fat at a faster rate. Doing the SHRED!!!! (sign up) (CHECK!)
4. Drinking lots of water, including Propel Electrolytes! (CHECK!) 
5. Inviting my friend Ronni to do it along with me! Having accountability and a workout buddy is a MUST! (CHECK!) 

I am proud to say I lost 2% body fat over the past 10 weeks and met my challenge goal! I did TRX training for three days a week and two days of cardio. I also followed a macro diet (more to come on that) and overall felt hydrated and energized!!


*A big thank you to Propel for hosting me at BlogFest this year and for giving me the opportunity to train with Gunnar and his amazing TEAM! I can’t wait to go back next year! 



Question: How are your workouts going this summer? 


3 responses to “Another Grueling Workout With Gunnar Peterson {Propel}”

  1. Hi Bobbi! So great meeting you this past weekend at BlogFest! And it sounds like Gunnar put you girls through an intense sweat session! But at least it took place in a fancy hotel gym, right? Nice work on the challenge. I’m a big TRX fan and need to start incorporating it into my routine even more! Have a fabulous day! 🙂

  2. I like the way you put efforts to lose 2 kg in the 10 weeks. I am also on the same road and this article motivates me and looking for the same results very soon.

  3. Wish I could have joined you for that one. Looks like it was a great workout and you look amazing!!!!