August Featured Foodie Fridge: Monica

Monica Fridge

Every month I look forward to taking a peak into one of my foodie friends fridges! This month I had the pleasure of chatting with the lovely newlywed Monica from Run Eat Repeat. I love Monica’s blog because the girl is REAL!! She doesn’t sugar coat it, she speaks from the heart. Sad she moved from California, but I am sure we will have many other chances to meet.

Let’s step into her kitchen…

Bobbi: I always love to ask this question first, Monica have you always been a healthy eater? If not what was your child hood eating habits growing up?

Monica: I wasn’t always a healthy eater, but I wasn’t an un-healthy eater either. I basically just didn’t have knowledge about healthy eating. I struggled with my weight all my life and wanted to lose weight and be healthy, but I didn’t know how.

For a long time I though fat-free/low-calorie meant it was healthy. It took years of yo-yo dieting, binging and restricting and therapy for me learn. I now know that I need to eat healthy, filling foods for my body and to keep me satisfied. I eat a lot of whole grains, fruit, beans, nut butters and chocolate – it keeps me healthy and happy!

Bobbi: AMEN! I know exactly what you mean. I see a lot of wonderful and very similar products in your fridge that I have. I love Chobani, but I can’t find it anywhere?!! Do you buy it anywhere special?


Monica: I found Chobani at Costco and totally freaked out! It’s so much cheaper there. Plus, if I have a ton of it I don’t care if Ben eats it too!

Bobbi: I spy some Almond Milk in that fridge of yours, are you allergic to milk or do you just not prefer it?

Monica: I lalalove Almond Milk. I am not allergic to dairy at all, but the idea of cows milk grosses me out most of the time. Don’t get me wrong – I would never give up ice cream!

Bobbi: Ya that would be hard to give up! I love the Hummus, which is by far my favorite kind. What is your favorite thing to put hummus on?

Monica: I use hummus for everything! I use it in my sandwiches and wraps as mayo, or if I’m just making a veggie wrap I really pile it on! I also use it as topping for salads.

Bobbi: I also see some Amazing Grass in the back of your fridge, do you drink this everyday? What is your favorite smoothie to make?

Monica: I don’t drink it every day. I did for a few weeks when I first got it to see if I felt a difference, but I didn’t. So, now I drink it when I remember.

My favorite smoothie right now is a Frozen Cherry Green Monster – frozen naner, spinach, soy milk, ice and frozen cherries. Amazing!

Bobbi: OOOOO I need to try that combo. Wow I see a lot of eggs, but not so much meat in your fridge are you a vegetarian?

Monica Freezer

Monica:I am a pescatarian because I do eat fish. I don’t eat meat or poultry so I try to get my protein from beans, eggs, soy and yogurt.

I don’t eat eggs for breakfast that often since I love cereal and oatmeal, but Ben loves eggs so we keep a lot in the fridge.

Bobbi: I had never heard of the word pescatarian, nice to know. Now that you are married, do you cook a lot for the Hubby? Does he like the same kinds of healthy foods you do?

Monica: Yes, I cook for my new Hubby and No, he does not like the same healthy foods that I do. But, I am very lucky because he is a good sport! He would love to have steak and potatoes every night for dinner, but he always eats and enjoys the food I make.

I usually cook some type of vegetarian meal – anything from pita pizzas to tofu stir-frys and he will eat it. Sometimes I make him chicken or beef to go with it.

Bobbi: Hubby would love steak and potatoes every night too!!! What is your favorite thing to make for dinner?

Monica: My favorite thing to make for dinner is pizza with a big salad. Big, fancy salads and pizza are two of my favorite things to eat. And it’s so easy!

Bobbi: I LOVE PIZZA TOO!!! Your condiment door is so very sparse, are you not big on condiments? What would you say is your favorite condiment?


Monica: No, I LOVE condiments. But, I hate when they are cold. I keep them in the cupboard. I use a lot of condiments, so putting that on hot food would make it cold too fast. I love ketchup, Tapatio and Sriacha. I’m a Mexican girl so I have to have spicy condiments. I use them all the time!

Bobbi: It’s so funny that I am Mexican and I hate hot stuff but I love Tapatio!! Thanks for showing us all your delicious looking fruit, is this something you have with every meal? What is your favorite fruit and why?

fridge Monica: I am obsessed with fruit. I don’t think I can pick one favorite fruit – my top 3 are watermelon, cherries and grapes, I have to eat fruit at least 2 times a day or something seems off. But by 2 times a day I don’t mean 2 servings – I often eat 2 or 3 servings of fruit at a time.

Bobbi: Thank you Monica for taking the time out of your busy schedule to show us your fridge, I have one last question for you. If you could have any food blogger over to your house for dinner who would it be?

Monica: It would have to be you! But, I would rather go to your place for dinner so I would have an excuse to be in California.  Thanks for featuring my fridge. I have to admit, it’s not always this neat – since I just moved it is still in order.

Monica you are tooooo sweet! You and Ben can come and stay with us anytime and we will have a blast and the boys can be boys!

Alright readers I have a challenge for you I would like to post pictures of what’s in your fridge, just send me an email with a photo of your fridge and give me a mini description of how your fridge represents you :).

Are you in??


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