Good evening beauties! How was your Tuesday? Did you smile? Did you laugh?

I had a little bit of everything on my plate today.

At work I had a super yummy opened face sandwich!! Made me smile 🙂


Some fresh sweet peppers, cucumbers and a peach.


My sammie had two veggie patties, laughing cow light cheese, tomatoes, spinach, and a small avocado.


My lunch was so filling today that I didn’t even need an afternoon snack. After work I went straight x-country practice. We did a KILLER speed workout on the track. We warmed up for 15 minutes on the track and then I had them do a one mile test. They ran as hard as they could to try and get the fastest mile they could. I of course ran along with them, and did my FASTEST MILE EVER, 5:55!!! WOW, enough said.

As soon as practice was over I headed over to Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, to have some Tea with my O’ So sweet preg-o friend Bex!!! I sipped on a lovely couple of fruity decaf tea, can’t remember the name of it.


Bex and I chatted about all the “fun” pregnancy stories thus far and also cute things like what she is going to name her baby boy.


When I got home Hubby made his famous “Vinegar Chicken”, Brown Sticky Rice, and English Peas.

Picture 306

You don’t even need a knife to cut this baby! 

Picture 305

I also enjoyed some Diet Grapefruit Soda.

Picture 308

Then I surprised the Hubby with some Fro Yo!! It was right next to Coffee Bean, I couldn’t resist! It’s so nice to eat dessert while watching TBL ;).

Picture 309

I got three layers of different kinds of yogurt, PB, Heath, and Ghirardelli Chocolate. Topped with nuts, sweet carob chips, and granola. 

Picture 310 

Alright friends, Bex needs some help choosing a name for her sweet baby boy. I thought I would throw out the names and see what you all liked best??

A. Denali
B. Laken
C. Maddox
D. Paxton
E. Maxon

What do you think????

Time to finish TBL!


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