Back to the Grind

Happy Monday :)! I know Monday is not everybody’s favorite day, but it can be, it’s a choice!

This morning I woke up and caught up on soooo many blogs, you were all so busy while I was gone!! I had so much fun last week, I just love summer vacations!!! I am actually not even done with summer vacay’s , I still have my relay race in Colorado, Vegas Bachelorette Party, and Big Bear Mountain! What does the rest of your summer look like??

For breakfast I made a GM, it’s been too long since I had my morning greens!

food 511

I have lot’s of fun stuff to pack in my lunch today!! Our fridge is stocked, I made a trip to the grocery store yesterday and picked up plenty of fresh veggies and fruit!

family camp09 076

Tonight I teach kickboxing so no workout this morning, but my “mini” goal for the week to get in some running/circuit training everyday. The Wild West Relay is coming up and I am haven’t been running as much as I need to!!!


I am looking forward to Friday, because Hubby and I are celebrating our two year anniversary in a FREE Big Bear cabin for the weekend!!! I know we just got back from the mountains but a romantic weekend is totally different 😉

Hubby’s Random Fact : “ Baskin Robbins once made ketchup ice cream”

Pic of the day:

At Family Camp Digging for Treasure!



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