Evening lovelies!

This weekend I am headed to Boulder, CO for the Blend Retreat! I simply can not wait. The retreat is for friends + bloggers (get it… BLEND) to come together to have fun, workout, eat and much more. The schedule is packed with bootcamps, yoga, hikes, cocktail hours and exploring around town. I have a dear friend that lives in Denver, so I am staying with her and she is going to join me at the retreat. My new found BFF Brittany will be staying with us a well ๐Ÿ™‚

I packed my bags!


Today I had about six meetings at work and had a total of five PT clients!!! I SO need this little break. Yes, we did get away last weekend and got to play a bit, but mostly the trip was work. This truly will be a get-a-way!

I also got in an amazing Insanity workout with my friend/client Amy ! We did the Plyo Max Insanity DVD and man I was one drenched little lady!


OK time to retire. I have an early plane to catch!!! See you all soon in Denver ๐Ÿ™‚



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