Best Friends Forever

Tonight I remembered once again that I have the BEST friend in the whole wide WORLD!! Mr..Hubby that is!! We had such a fun night together, eating, laughing, dancing, and of course shopping 🙂 Hubby and I always have the best time shopping together, I think it’s one of the reasons we work well together 😉

We started our evening with some friends at our favorite Thai Restaurant, Mu!


The Watson’s


I ordered the Yellow Curry with tofu + brown rice + extra veggies


Hubby always gets the orange chicken 🙂


After dinner instead of going home and plopping on the couch Hubby agreed to go SHOPPING with me for a bathing suit 🙂

Lots of playing to be done in this place! I wish I had style.



DSC01601 DSC01605


Is this hat for real….my WOW face!

IMG_4400 IMG_4401 

Hubby’s addiction Words With Friends!


See’s Samples 🙂


I almost walked out of the mall empty handed, a little jealous that Hubby found something and I didn’t. Until the last store!!! I found a bikini for only $20!!! I’ll show you all tomorrow at the beach 🙂


You know the evening would not be complete without some Fro-Yo 😉


I love Nuni’s Original Tart, it’s a lot like the one at Pink Berry.


Loaded with fruit, carob chips, drizzle of honey and 3 cheese cake bites 🙂


The perfect ending 🙂


It’s 10:30 and I am calling it a night! Going on a 30 mile bike ride in the morning with friends and then on to play at the beach with the bro’s.

Did I mention I love living in California?

Speaking of California, have you all heard that California girl song on the radio by Katie Perry? Well Hubby and I had fun tonight changing the words to all different kinds of state with four syllables. My favorite was Miss-iss-ipp-i GIRLS are …lol…oh we are silly.


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