Birthday Parties and the Balboa Light Parade


I really want to be six again! Yesterday my niece Alysse turned the big six years old and she was the cutest Snow White Princess I have ever seen :) 

bobbi 286

Of course I am her favorite Aunt on the Trujillo side (her only). 

bobbi 287

She was so excited to get our Christmas Card because she loves Bosco! 

bobbi 293

I got her a Bosco of her own! A little T-Cup puppy that she can carry with her always. 

bobbi 294

This just looks so natural ;) 

bobbi 289

Too cute! 

bobbi 283

I love my Lysse she is just getting sooooo big! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET GIRL!


After the party we headed off to the annual Balboa Light Parade with fun friends! 

bobbi 298

Hubby and I had Subway on the drive down so when we saw this Yogurt shop on the island I knew it was time for dessert! I got a little bit of all of my favorites, pumpkin, chocolate, peanut butter and banana.  I added some Heath Bar and Graham cracker crumbs on top to make it perfection!

bobbi 296

Then it was time for the Boat Parade! We saw a few less boats this year, not sure why but all the ones we did see where pretty spectacular! 

bobbi 299

This is our 9th year getting together for this festive evening! 

bobbi 301

After we watched the parade we walked around the island and admired the homes that were all DECKED out! 

bobbi 305

bobbi 307

bobbi 310

We even had some very entertaining side walk performers.

bobbi 311

I wanted to steal this adorable little golf cart! 

bobbi 309

Our friend Syd actually lives on the island so after we were pooped from walking we stopped by his house to sing some carols with his rock star brother! 

bobbi 318

bobbi 322 bobbi 325  
bobbi 315 bobbi 321  

bobbi 320

Hubby even got up and sang a few, he can sing some wonderful Johnny Cash songs that melt my heart! 

bobbi 323

The boys 

bobbi 329

As if all of this fun wasn’t enough we headed over to a local coffee shop called The Gypsies Den. I ordered a delicious cup of decaf.

bobbi 331

Hubby ordered the Chicken Nachos, I had my share as well (minus the cheese).

bobbi 332

We sat around chatting late into the night and then we said our sweet goodbyes and called it a night. 
 bobbi 334

What a wonderful night, I miss all of these people!!! My new years resolution is to see them ALL a lot more!  


I slept in until 8:30 and laid in bed catching up on my google reader, man you were all so busy this weekend loved reading about your fun filled weekends! When I finally rolled out of bed I made a beautiful bowl of Cranberry Pumpkin Scone Oats!

bobbi 335

bobbi 336

I have no “REAL” plans today:

  • Organize Room + Bathroom
  • Wrap presents
  • Organize AD stuff
  • Get baking list together
  • Teach Kickboxing

See you all soon!

P.S. Remember to finish strong out there, I have a great workout I am posting at lunch!


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