Bittersweet Potluck

Today my work was so sweet and threw all of us ladies that will not be returning next year a potluck lunch! I love the banner!


I felt so loved! Everyone brought plenty of veggies and healthy/not so healthy choices to choose from.


I brought my lunch so I had a large salad and chose a few small bites of things that I couldn’t resist!


Like the veggie enchiladas(which I will be making tomorrow), veggie chili, broccoli casserole, and laughing cow cheese!


My boss was so sweet, she wrote me a beautiful card and gave me a Sports Chalet Gift Card!!!  They even got us a cake, I am not a cake fan so I had a little brownie and fudge instead.

It was a cute cake:)



What a fun day, I am going to miss all of these beautiful ladies and I can’t wait to come and visit this summer so I can see some of my students.

After work, I had to run an errand for the Hubby and had one of my favorite Clif Bars, Carrot Cake!


I will not have dinner until late because I have a Pilate class at 6pm and another 3 mile run at 6:30 with the Boot camp ladies! Have you ever done two runs in a day? I know a lot of runners do this so they can get in their miles, but I think this is the first time I have ever done it!

Tonight is Date Night, and because I won’t get done until late Hubby and I are going to grab some dinner(Subway) and sneak it into the theater to go see “The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3,” has anyone seen it? I love Denzel Washington!!

Last, but not least a Squat,Abs,and Pushup Challenge Update!

How are you all doing with the challenge??? I am pretty sore after Monday’s pushups and squats but not so much in my abs:( I am going to do my set right now before I go to Pilates! I hope that I get an awesome core workout tonight, and Skinny Bride is coming I am excited!

Stay tuned for tonight’s movie review and Date Night recap!


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