Bootcampin Bike Ride

Today 8 boot camp ladies including myself went on a nice 20 mile bike ride. These ladies ROCK!


The bike path is paved and has just a couple hills perfect for a beginner or experienced rider.


The weather turned out to be just right for a nice long bike ride. We had overcast skies and a nice breeze to carry us through. At 10 miles we stopped and had some brunch. I was already hungry even though I had some oatmeal earlier this morning. We locked up our bikes and were on the look out for somewhere to eat!


I had heard about this place called, Simple Simons and have been dying to try it out! Lucky for us they were open for breakfast.


They are infamous for the sandwiches, but I was craving some French toast!


So I ordered their French Toast made with sourdough bread and almonds. On the side I had fruit and Chicken Apple Sausage!


It was HUGE!!! I only ended up eating half of it, and I ate all of the sausage. This chicken apple sausage was so delicious, very sweet and savory.


I also had a bight of my friend Sandy’s BLT+avocado sandwich, it was so good. I can’t wait to come back and have lunch! Another bike ride will have to be in the near future!


We then headed out to finish our ride! The last 10 miles were a little warmer and steeper, I started to get hungry AGAIN!!! I don’t know what it is but when I ride I feel like I could eat a house! Look at our tough faces, we are some mean lean fighting machines!


The mothers and daughters, so cute!


While riding through the neighborhoods I saw my dream home! It’s a craftsman house built in the early 1900’s so charming, it has a lovely porch and a white picket fence. It looks like it came straight out of a book.  


When I got back to my car about 2 hours later I was hungry again so I fed the monster! I had an Organic GreenSuperFood Whole Food Energy Bar. It was pretty good, I liked the chocolate one better, I am hoping it holds me over until dinner. Why do I feel like a bottomless pit today?!


Well it’s time to make dinner, I am thinking pizza sounds good I want to make it from scratch, but I am kind of tired. We shall see:)

What are you having for dinner tonight?


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