Bootcamp,the Desk, and a Dive In Movie!

Yesterday morning was pretty intense. These days I get so pumped for Friday mornings, knowing that there are going to be a group of ladies waiting for me, is the best morning inspiration!

I had my boot camp ladies running,jumping, and sweating like crazy!!! It was a lot of fun, and these girls are seriously impressing the heck out me 🙂 I was even sore all day at work yesterday, and I didn’t even do everything because I was helping people.

At work we have a staff lunch provided for us on Fridays(another great perk).


My plate has a little bit of everything! Some salad,veggie soup,cottage cheese,two meatballs, and pasta. I also had an apple for balance 😉 After eating I went on a short walk to see more of our beautiful work place.


What a view!


Here is my wonderful desk! I am going to be working on it next week and making it more of me 🙂 I love personalizing places, and making them feel homey. 


Hubby and I are so blessed to be able to work with the 1-6th graders at our church on Sundays. Last night we helped out at a Dive-In Movie party at our pastors house. I love that I still get to work with kids even though I am not going to be a teacher.

For dinner we had pizza and Kirsten(our pastors wife) was so wonderful and even provided Healthy OPTIONS


I love this idea of putting strawberries and lemons in with the lemonade, it screams summer! 


My plate, I tried to fill up on as many fruits and veggies and also enjoyed a slice of cheese pizza(had one more later in the evening). 


Hubby and I checked out Kirsten’s garden, we are thinking about expanding ours!


Kirsten was so sweet and kept trying to send a ton of zucchini home with us, we snagged three, but look how big they are!!! I don’t even know any zucchini recipes, any that you all have to share?! 

food 467

Here is when the fun and craziness started! We had a whip cream pie searching contest. The goal was to get out 13 pieces of candy from a pile of whip cream, only using your face no hands allowed. Well it was just the game until at the end all the kids decided to start having a whip cream fight with BOBBI!!!!!

food 457

WOW, they got me good!!!! 

food 458

It was so fun, in my entire childhood, and adult life I have never been in a food/whip cream fight in my life! I will have to write this one down in the books, it was fun resorting back to just letting go and being free! 

food 459

After I changed and cleaned up we brought out the candy and popcorn for the kids to enjoy while watching the movie. I had a bight or two of a Snicker bar, I was not in the mood for too many sweets I could still taste the whip cream up my nose! 

food 461 

This was so cool we all relaxed in the pool and watched “Surf’s Up”, why have I never seen this movie?! It was soooo cute and super funny!

food 468

I couldn’t wait to get home last night and take a shower, I felt so sticky and gross.

This morning I am up a little later then usual(7:30am) and I am going to ANOTHER boot camp that is hosted at the park right down the street. I think I might ride my bike. I am loving all the outdoor activities I have been doing lately 🙂 To top it off Hubby and I are going to work on the yard when I get back, he has been looking forward to it all week! I am not sure I remember the last time I was home on a Saturday?!

Have a beautiful Saturday morning!!!


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