Boston Here I come “Again”



First let us start out with our Pre-Race dinner. Last night we walked around Little Italy in downtown San Diego for several hours and then we all decided on the burger lounge. No, no I didn’t have a burger..well yes kinda. This place was AWESOME!!


I had a Grilled Lounge Vegetarian Burger with Organic Quinoa. Yes, AMAZING!


Plus a half salad with a ton of amazing veggies and an avocado dressing.


This was by far the best veggie burger I have ever EATEN! I need to try and make these at home.


Dinner wouldn’t be complete without some Fro-Yo (third time this week 🙂 )


Yogurtland to the RESCUE!


Mine was was mostly toppings. I had a little plain tart ice-cream, strawberries, kiwi, coconut, and carob chips.


We hit the hay around 10pm and got up at 4am to get ready. I had a little bagel and PB for the big race. The race started at 6:15am and thanks to Hubby he got us there with lots of time to spare. All ready with my pink hat, iPod with cool playlist, Garmin, video camera, Hammer Gels and water bottle.

IMG_4303 IMG_4304
IMG_4305 IMG_4301
IMG_4302 IMG_1005 

I was so excited to meet Jamie a reader! She was in Corral 5 as well and trying to BQ. So sad she lives in Florida! 


Running Buddies





I was so happy that Rick was running with me and helping me stay on a 3:40 pace. After my passed two marathons I new I needed a little help taking it easy at the beginning and not DYING at the end!

MILES 1-5 The first 5 miles flew by so fast. They were nice and flat with a couple rolling hills.

MILES 6-10 I loved all the rock bands that we saw at almost every mile they helped me stay motivated!! At mile 5 we started running on the freeway and it was a super a bit slanted. Rick and I sped down the hills and managed to keep right on pace. At mile 7 I took my first Hammer Gel. At mile 10 the sun started peaking through the clouds and I got nervous about the heat.

MILES 11-15 Out came the sun!! Oh my it was so HOT, if I was just walking around it would have been fine but running 13 more miles in was going to be killer, I also took one more Hammer gel. I drank way too much Cytomax and started feeling nauseous. I wanted to just throw up and get moving but I couldn’t. I decided to drink water for the rest of the marathon and just push through it. My body was feeling great and I knew I just needed to get over my WALL (mile 18).

MILES 16-19 Mile 18 came and went. NO WALL!!! I was just feeling HOT! I can’t believe my body felt so good!!! I was so proud of myself and then mile 19 came and I could see the loop that I had to do all in the SUN along the water (YOU CAN DO IT). I got in the zone and stayed in front of the 3:40 pace group. Then I saw Hubby!!! I was excited to see him 🙂 There is nothing like having my #1 cheerleader to give me the best encouragement ever. He wished me well and went ahead to try and catch me at the end. You will see in the video that I was a little sick! Almost hacked on camera.


I am not going to lie the water was pretty, but at mile 20 I just wanted to get finished!!!


MILES 20-24: I was pushing it I had looked at my watch and I knew even if I ran a 10 minute mile I would qualify for Boston again! I slowed down to 9 minute miles and just kept telling myself only a 5K to go!!!!


MILES 24-26: I was so happy to see mile 25…one more to go!! I was right on track!!!


I couldn’t believe how good I felt.  I was at 3:38 at mile 26 and I had to BOOK IT!!!


I am going to do it!!!


I had the biggest grin on my face the whole stretch to the finish line!!!!


I crossed at 3:39:48!!!


I was so struggling with all the stuff I had on. Plus the lactic acid started building in my legs and I have no shame in saying that I was in tears with pain!! It took me about 30 minutes to get out of the finish line shoot and my phone had no service.


When Hubby found me crying on the curb I WAS ALL BETTER!!! He is the best medicine!


It was over and I enjoyed every MOMENT! (minus the heat). This course was way better then last year!


After we finally got out of the San Diego Madness (I had to walk almost 3 miles back to the car). We headed back to the hotel to take a quick shower and then went out to meet the Watson’s for SUSHI!! I started with some Miso Soup and..


Garlic Edomame Beans


I ordered the Philadelphia Roll and the Spicy Tuna Roll. (half of the white rice rolls were not mine, even though I could have eaten all of it).



On our way home Hubby and I made a quick pit stop for a little sweet treat at SBUX.


I decided to try one of their Light Mocha Frapps with Soy. I haven’t had a Frap in YEARS!


MMMM..some happy campers!


I am working on my race video tonight (plus watching a NCIS marathon) I  will have it up in the morning. Time to enjoy some Thai Food and then call it a night. My legs are still pretty sore so glad I get to work from home tomorrow!!

I will be giving a full recap of my Marathon Training Plan tomorrow so stay tuned.

Boston 2011 HERE I COME!!!


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